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American Business

  • First class rank.
2016 Instructors:
  • Dan Carey 
  • Steven Fastert
2016 Pre-work:
  • (Link to requirements and worksheet to the right.)
  • Fill out as much as you can of the worksheet.
  • Bring the worksheet with you to the expo.
  • You should look at requirement #6 and decide which of the three you want to do. I have had a few young men write the two page report, but most young men choose 6b. If you want to find three items where the packaging could be improved before Saturday, you can have #6 signed off Saturday. Pictures or examples are helpful.
  • We'll do requirements #1, 2b-e, 3, and 4b together at the expo. We'll talk about #5 (running a business). To complete #5, it will have to be done as post-work after the expo.
  • We'll likely do requirement 2a as part of the field trip.
2016 Field trip:
  • TD Bank Nashua (unconfirmed - your MB Counselor will contact you)