In heartfelt thanks to Dan and Frank - for their vision, hard work and dedication to Scouting.

In 2007 it was noted that a wide variety of math, science, and technology merit badges had extremely low numbers of scouts participating in them. Nationally and locally, many badges were either close to or at zero participation.

Recognizing that the math, science, and technology aspect of the Boy Scout merit badge program was under-resourced, due in equal parts to the lack of available counselors and the lack of promotion of these important 
components of our economy, the Math Science Technology Expo was born in 2007. 

Altering the environmental conditions to provoke change has been the mission of the Math Science Technology Expo ever since. 

In 2019, the Expo will be celebrating its 12th year of "Exploring Careers through Merit Badges!"

About 120 adults, and over three dozen businesses are needed to support this event's many merit badge sessions, career fair, and field trips.

The average participant is 14+ and is deciding what his college and career interest might be. 75% of the 250 participants each year reside within a short distance of Lowell, MA or Nashua, NH, but participants have come from New England and beyond to participate in this unique Math Science Technology focused event.

More than 98% of participants highly recommend the Expo to their friends each year.