2017 Math REUs

This page contains a listing of the undergraduate math REUs that will run in the summer of 2017.  If you are interested in participating in an REU you should apply to several (there is high demand for positions, and not all of these programs will be funded to run); also make sure to follow the directions given at each REU (the ability to follow directions is part of the screening process for most programs).  Please send any additions or corrections to Steve Butler (butler@iastate.edu).

Note this list will continue to grow as more sites announce their programs.  Please keep visiting for up to the date information.

Be aware that while most applications deadlines are mid-February, some are earlier (e.g., Santa Fe Institute is often in early January).

  • Location:  varies depending on program
  • Program dates:  varies
  • Application deadline:  October 15 or October 31 depending on program
  • Notes:  Restricted to US citizens eligible for security clearance.  There are a variety of opportunities available.  Eligible students are encouraged to explore available options.

  • Location:  Pittsburgh, PA
  • Program dates:  May 30 -- July 25
  • Application deadline:  TBA
  • Notes:  Students will spend eight weeks in Pittsburgh participating in a course in cryptography, a computer laboratory, and working on projects under the direction of research faculty.
  • Location:  Clemson, SC
  • Program dates:  June 5 -- July 28
  • Application deadline:  TBD
  • Topics:  collaborative data, visualization
Emory University
  • Location:  Atlanta, GA
  • Program dates:  TBA
  • Application deadline:  TBD (application)
  • Topics:  Arithmetic geometry and number theory
  • Notes:  Pending funding
  • Location:  Princeton, NJ
  • Program dates:  May 15 -- May 26
  • Application deadline:  February 20
  • Topics:  Geometry and randomness in group theory
  • Notes:  For women.  Requires undergraduate knowledge of group theory and topology
Iowa State University
  • Location:  Ames, IA
  • Program dates:  TBA
  • Application deadline:  TBA
  • Topics:  Spectral graph theory; and more TBA
  • Location:  Fargo, ND
  • Program dates:  May 28 -- August 5
  • Application deadline:  January 27
  • Topics:  student reasoning; math in STEM; instructional practices
  • Notes:  Aimed at students in STEM education
  • Location:  Santa Fe, NM
  • Program dates:  June  -- August 
  • Application deadline:  January 4
  • Topics:  mathematical modeling
  • Location:  Valparaiso, IN
  • Program dates:  May 31 -- August 2
  • Application deadline:  February 27
  • Topics:  TBA
  • Notes:  Pending funding