Ways Parents Can Support Their Child at Home and at School

    • Praise your child daily for specific accomplishments.
    • Take your child to the library, to community activities, and to museums.
    • Set limits on TV-watching.  Be selective about what your child views.
    • Ask your child about school work and homework daily.
    • Provide structure by creating rules, routines, and chores at home.
    • Create a special area for books and homework.  Teach your child to check this area as he or she leaves for school.
    • Provide a quiet, well-lit place with plenty of books in your home and/or vehicle where your child can study.
    • Keep your child healthy by taking him or her for regular checkups, keeping immunizations current, providing a balanced diet, and making sure he or she gets regular exercise.
    • Notify your child’s teacher of any medical concerns.
    • Try to schedule appointments after school hours, so that your child does not fall behind at school.
    • Make it a priority to get to school on time to teach responsibility and the importance of an education.
    • Read to your child and encourage him or her to read to you.  Be a reading role model by letting your child see you read.
    • Set and maintain high expectations for your child.
    • Encourage your child to take responsibility for their own actions.