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Solution Videos for New York Integrated Algebra Regents Problems

These videos provide solutions and explanations for all problems in the JMAP Workbook of Integrated Algebra Regents Problems from Fall 2007 through August 2012.  The problems and videos below are broken up into sections that coincide with the topical sections in the workbook.

DOWNLOAD THE JMAP WORKBOOK HERE  585-problem version, aligned to the videos below (the most current 741-problem workbook on JMAP is NOT yet aligned to the videos below)

This workbook of past Regents problems was compiled and made available by the awesome team of people at JMAP.  For more information about the JMAP Project or for more Regents-prep resources for Integrated Algebra, Geometry, or Algebra 2/Trigonometry, check out

Unit 1: Numbers, Operations, and Properties (Solutions in PDF form)
A.N.6: Evaluating Expressions:  Video for Problems 1-5
A.N.1: Identifying Properties:  Video for Problems 6-8
A.N.1: Properties of Reals:  Video for Problems 9-13
A.A.29: Set Theory:  Video for Problems 14-23
A.A.30: Set Theory:  Video for Problems 24-29
A.A.31: Set Theory:  Video for Problems 30-38

Unit 2: Graphs and Statistics (Solutions in PDF form)
A.S.5: Frequency Histograms, Bar Graphs and Tables:  Video for Problems 39-42
A.S.9: Frequency Histograms, Bar Graphs and Tables:  Video for Problems 43-46
A.S.5: Box-and-Whisker Plots:  Video for Problems 47-49
A.S.6: Box-and-Whisker Plots:  Video for Problems 50-56
A.S.11: Quartiles and Percentiles:  Video for Problems 57-58
A.S.7: Scatter Plots:  Video for Problems 59-61
A.S.8: Scatter Plots:  Video for Problems 62-64
A.S.12: Scatter Plots:  Video for Problems 65-70
A.S.17: Scatter Plots:  Video for Problems 71-73
A.S.4: Central Tendency:  Video for Problems 74-78
A.S.16: Central Tendency:  Video for Problems 79-80
A.S.16: Central Tendency:  Video for Problem 81
A.S.1: Analysis of Data:  Video for Problems 82-87
A.S.2: Analysis of Data:  Video for Problems 88-91
A.S.3: Analysis of Data:  Video for Problems 92-97
A.S.13: Analysis of Data:  Video for Problems 98-99
A.S.14: Analysis of Data:  Video for Problems 100-103
A.M.3: Error:  Video for Problems 104-118

Unit 3: Probability (Solutions in PDF form)
A.S.19: Sample Space:  Video for Problems 119-124
A.S.21: Experimental Probability:  Video for Problems 125-128
A.S.20: Theoretical Probability:  Video for Problem 129
A.S.22: Theoretical Probability:  Video for Problems 130-134
A.S.23: Theoretical Probability:  Video for Problems 135-140
A.S.20: Geometric Probability:  Video for Problems 141-143
A.S.22: Geometric Probability:  Video for Problems 144-145
A.S.23: Geometric Probability:  Video for Problems 146-147
A.S.18: Conditional Probability:  Video for Problem 148
A.N.7: Multiplication Counting Principle:  Video for Problems 149-150
A.N.8: Permutations:  Video for Problems 151-158

Unit 4: Expressions and Equations (Solutions in PDF form)
A.A.1: Expressions:  Video for Problems 159-167
A.A.2: Expressions:  Video for Problems 168-170
A.A.3: Expressions:  Video for Problems 171-175
A.A.22: Solving Equations:  Video for Problems 176-180
A.A.25: Solving Equations with Fractional Expressions:  Video for Problems 181-186
A.A.25: Solving Equations with Decimals:  Video for Problem 187
A.A.4: Modeling Equations:  Video for Problem 188
A.A.5: Modeling Equations:  Video for Problems 189-192
A.A.6: Modeling Equations:  Video for Problems 193-194
A.A.22: Transforming Formulas:  Video for Problems 195-204

Unit 5: Rate (Solutions in PDF form)
A.M.1: Using Rate:  Video for Problems 205-208
A.M.2: Conversions:  Video for Problems 218-224
A.N.5: Percents:  Video for Problems 225-228
A.N.5: Direct Variation:  Video for Problems 229-230

Unit 6: Linear Equations (Solutions in PDF form)
A.G.4: Graphing Linear Functions:  Video for Problem 245
A.A.34: Writing Linear Equations:  Video for Problems 246-250
A.A.35: Writing Linear Equations:  Video for Problems 251-255
A.A.39: Identifying Points on a Line:  Video for Problems 256-260
A.A.36: Parallel and Perpendicular Lines:  Video for Problems 261-264
A.A.38: Parallel and Perpendicular Lines:  Video for Problems 265-268

Unit 7: Inequalities (Solutions in PDF form)
A.A.24: Solving Inequalities:  Video for Problems 269-271
A.A.21: Interpreting Solutions:  Video for Problems 272-276
A.A.4: Modeling Inequalities:  Video for Problems 277-278
A.A.5: Modeling Inequalities:  Video for Problems 279-283
A.A.6: Modeling Inequalities:  Video for Problems 284-290
A.G.6: Linear Inequalities:  Video for Problems 291-295

Unit 8: Absolute Value (Solutions in PDF form)
A.G.4: Graphing Absolute Value Functions:  Video for Problem 296
A.G.5: Graphing Absolute Value Functions:  Video for Problems 297-301

Unit 9: Quadratics (Solutions in PDF form)
A.A.20: Factoring Polynomials:  Video for Problems 302-305
A.A.19: Factoring the Difference of Perfect Squares:  Video for Problems 306-317
A.A.27: Solving Quadratics by Factoring:  Video for Problem 318
A.A.28: Roots of Quadratics:  Video for Problems 319-325
A.G.5: Graphing Quadratic Functions:  Video for Problems 326-329
A.G.8: Solving Quadratics by Graphing:  Video for Problems 330-334
A.A.8: Writing Quadratics:  Video for Problems 335-337
A.A.8: Geometric Applications of Quadratics:  Video for Problems 338-340
A.G.10: Identifying the Vertex of a Quadratic Given Graph:  Video for Problems 341-348
A.A.41: Identifying the Vertex of a Quadratic Given Equation:  Video for Problems 349-354

Unit 10: Systems (Solutions in PDF form)
A.A.10: Solving Linear Systems:  Video for Problems 355-362
A.G.7: Solving Linear Systems:  Video for Problems 363-365
A.A.7: Writing Linear Systems:  Video for Problems 366-376
A.A.40: Systems of Linear Inequalities:  Video for Problems 377-381
A.G.7: Systems of Linear Inequalities:  Video for Problems 382-386
A.A.11: Quadratic-Linear Systems:  Video for Problems 387-392
A.G.9: Quadratic-Linear Systems:  Video for Problems 393-401

Unit 11: Powers (Solutions in PDF form)
A.A.13: Addition and Subtraction of Monomials:  Video for Problem 402
A.A.13: Addition and Subtraction of Polynomials:  Video for Problems 403-410
A.A.13: Multiplication of Polynomials:  Video for Problems 411-412
A.A.14: Division of Polynomials:  Video for Problems 413-415
A.A.12: Multiplication of Powers:  Video for Problems 416-417
A.A.12: Division of Powers:  Video for Problems 418-424
A.A.12: Powers of Powers:  Video for Problems 425-427
A.N.4: Operations with Scientific Notation:  Video for Problems 428-433
A.A.9: Exponential Functions:  Video for Problems 434-446
A.G.4: Graphing Exponential Functions:  Video for Problems 447-448

Unit 12: Radicals (Solutions in PDF form)
A.N.2: Simplifying Radicals:  Video for Problems 449-456
A.N.3: Operations with Radicals:  Video for Problems 457-462

Unit 13: Rationals (Solutions in PDF form)
A.A.16: Rational Expressions:  Video for Problems 463-471
A.A.15: Undefined Rationals:  Video for Problems 472-480
A.A.18: Multiplication and Division of Rationals:  Video for Problems 481-487
A.A.18: Addition and Subtraction of Rationals:  Video for Problems 488-498
A.A.26: Solving Rationals:  Video for Problems 499-507

Unit 14: Functions (Solutions in PDF form)
A.G.4: Families of Functions:  Video for Problems 508-513
A.G.4: Identifying the Equation of a Graph:  Video for Problems 514-515
A.G.8: Defining Functions:  Video for Problems 516-525

Unit 15: Triangles (Solutions in PDF form)
A.A.45: Pythagorean Theorem:  Video for Problems 526-535

Unit 16: Trigonometry (Solutions in PDF form)
A.A.42: Trigonometric Ratios:  Video for Problems 536-544
A.A.44: Using Trigonometry to Find a Side:  Video for Problems 545-551
A.A.44: Using Trigonometry to Find an Angle:  Video for Problems 552-560

Unit 17: Measuring in the Plane and Space (Solutions in PDF form)
A.G.1: Compositions of Polygons and Circles:  Video for Problems 561-572
A.G.2: Surface Area:  Video for Problems 580-585

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