CUNY Harmonic Analysis and PDEs Seminar

The Graduate Center
   The City University of New York 365 Fifth Avenue 
 New York City, NY 10016-4309  

                                        Fridays 2:00-3:00 PM (ET)

Online Seminars 

Organizers:   Azita Mayeli*, Vincent Martinez*, Han Li, Max Yarmolinsky (webmaster)

These seminars are devoted to various topics in harmonic analysis and the analysis of partial differential equations. Topics of focus include, but are not limited to, sampling and frames theory, Riesz bases and signal processing, Fuglede Conjecture, singular integral theory, oscillatory integral operators, restriction and Kakeya-type estimates, decoupling, data assimilation, the mathematics of machine learning, dispersive equations, hydrodynamic equations and the mathematics of turbulence, regularity theory, stochastic PDEs, ergodic theory and long-time behavior of dynamical systems. If you would like to present a talk or added to our mailing list, please contact one of the corresponding co-organizers. 

 Schedule for Spring 2021
Title of Talk
February 12

Marcin Bownik 

University of Oregon

  Parseval Wavelet Frames on Riemannian Manifolds
February 19

Ruxi Shi

(Mathematical Institute of Polish Academy of Science)

Spectral sets and spectral measures on groups with one prime factor
February 26

Steven Senger

(Missouri State University)

The sharpness of Falconer-type estimates for dot products

March 5

 No talk today

March 12
Translational tilings in lattices
March 19
(SUNY-Stony Brook)
    Modeling mixing accurately in numerical simulations of interfacial instabilities
March 26

(University of Maryland-Baltimore County)

Determining Functionals and Maps, Data Assimilation and an Observable Regularity Criterion for Three-Dimensional Hydrodynamical Equations 

April 2 No Talk 
(Spring break)

April 9
Zachary Bradshaw
(University of Arkansas)
Non-decaying solutions to the critical SQG equation with symmetries
April 16

will be rescheduled 

April 23
David Sondak
(Harvard University)
An Autoencoder and Reduced Basis for Dynamical Systems

April 30
Ali Pakzad
(Indiana University)

The Role of Energy Dissipation in Modeling Turbulence      

May 7
Andrea Giorgini
(Indiana University)

Diffuse Interface modeling for two-phase flows: from the model H to the AGG model

 May 14
(Colorado State University)
 Mathematical analysis of neural networks


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