Harmonic Analysis and PDE's Seminar

The Graduate Center
   The City University of New York 365 Fifth Avenue 
Fridays 2:00-3:00 PMRoom 4419
 New York, NY 10016-4309  


Main organizer:   Dr. Azita Mayeli (CUNY GC and QCC), AMayeli@gc.cuny.edu (Website)


Dr. Yumeng Ou (CUNY, Baruch College),   yumeng.ou@baruch.cuny.edu (Website)

Dr. Max Yarmolinsky (CUNY GC and CSI), myarmolinksy@gradcenter.cuny.edu (Website)

The seminars are devoted to various topics in harmonic analysis and its applications to partial differential equations and signal processing. The topics of the seminars are, but not limited to, sampling and frames theory, Riesz bases and signal processing, Fuglede Conjecture, singular integral theory, oscillatory integral operators, restriction and Kakeya-type estimates, decoupling, dispersive PDE, and elliptic PDE. If you would like to present a talk, or you would like to be added to our mailing list, please contact Dr. Azita Mayeli

                                Schedule for FALL 2019

August 30, 2019
Blair Davey 
(City College, CUNY)
How to obtain parabolic theorems from their elliptic counterparts
September 6, 2019

Mariusz Mirek

(Rutgers University)

Cancelled due to some injury 

September 13, 2019

Krystal Taylor

(Ohio State University)

The Buffon-circle problem via a quantification of the Besicovitch projection theorem
September 20, 2019

No seminar


September 27, 2019

Mihalis Mourgoglou

(University of the Basque Country)

Regularity theory and Green’s function for elliptic equations  
with lower order terms in unbounded domains
October 4, 2019
Thomas Fallon

(The Graduate Center, CUNY)
October 11, 2019

Yakun Xi

(University of Rochester)

October 18, 2019

Li Chen

(University of Connecticut)


October 25, 2019

Vincent Martinez

(Hunter College, CUNY)

Studies in analyticity in models of hydrodynamics and chemotaxis
November 1, 2019

Ben Krause

(Princeton University)

November  8, 2019

Stefan Steinerberger

(Yale University)

November  15, 2019

Silvia Ghinassi


November 22, 2019

Alexandru Ionescu

(Princeton University)

November 29, 2019

No seminar

December 6, 2019

Mariusz Mirek

(Rutgers University)

Dimension free estimates for the discrete Hardy-Littlewood maximal functions
December 13, 2019

Quanlei Fang



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