Binomial Theorem

At the end of the lesson, students will

(a) use the self-inquiry approach to study the Pascal's Triangle and relate it with the coefficients of the binomial expansion of (x+y)n;

(b) expand (x+y)n, n=0,1,2,3 using their lower Sec prior knowledge, then derive the formula for the (n+1) th term through observation;

(c) derive the formula for nCr using the counting principle;

(d) apply the binomial terms to the probability of flipping a coin with n trials (optional depending on the class).

1. The Pascal's Triangle

What is Pascal's Triangle?

Pascal's Triangle

Binomial Expansion using Pascal's Coeff

Complete the attached worksheet on Binomial expansion. We will derive the formulae for both {(x + y)^n} and (r+1)th term through a self-exploratory, self-inquiry approach!

2. Application of the Binomial Expansion

The coin toss

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