Congruent and Similar Polygons (Real-World)

 Be able to:     
?  use properties of congruent and similar polygons to solve mathematical or real-world problems
?  identify/describe convex, concave, regular and irregular polygons
? classify, construct, and describe triangles that are right, acute, obtuse, scalene, isosceles, equilateral and equiangular
?  define, identify, and construct altitudes, medians, angle bisectors, perpendicular bisectors, orthocenters, centroids, incenters and circumcenters
?  use properties of congruent and similar triangles to solve problems involving lengths and areas
?  apply theorems involving segments divided proportionally
Congruent Figures Basics (Prentice Hall)
 Using Similar Figures (Prentice Hall)
Review of similar figures and using proportions to solve a mathematical examples.
Real-world application
 Math'scool Lesson 9.4 Similar Polygons (32 mins - BestQuest)
Includes identifying shapes that have similarity, explores their properties, develops properties of similar figures (ratio of sides and congruent angles), and applies proportional reasoning to solve problems.
 Similar Figures (TI nspired)
Allows students to explore similarity in rectangles and triangles using the TI nspire handhelds.