Welcome to the Northgate Math Magics Official Webpage.
In Northgate Math Magics Club, we create videos to serve the students. We conduct surveys in each class and decide what videos to create based on the demand of the students. We hope our videos are helpful and enjoyable to you.

Important club information:

We meet Friday at lunch in Room 20.
Our goals are to:
  • Explore math in a fun way with games and puzzles.
  • Help each other improve math skills with peer tutoring and sharing tips and strategies.
  • Make a library of math videos
  • And more!
Contact the club president at mathmagicsng@yahoo.com
Visit the Northgate Math website: http://northgatemath.weebly.com


Algebra II/Trig:

Simplifying Radical Expressions

Graphing Logarithmic Equations

Pre-Calc Honors:

Building Functions Part 1:

Just for fun:

The Value of Pi

Teacher Videos:

Mr. Ceresa: PCH- 10.4c Find the equation of a hyperbola
PCH- 10.4d Analysis of a hyperbola not centered at origin
PCH- 10.4e Speed of sound

PCH- 10.6 Intro to conics in polar
PCH- 10.6a Converting Polar into rectangular
PC- 10.6b Analysis and graph of a parabola in polar
PCH- 10.6c Analysis and graph of a hyperbola in polar
PCH- 10.6d Analysis and graph of an ellipse in polar
PCH- 10.7a Intro to parametric equations
PCH- 10.7b Graphing parametric equations on the calculator and turning it into rectangular form
PCH- 10.7c More converting to rectangular form
PCH- 10.7d Projectile motion
PCH- 11.1 Work-rate problem
PCH- 11.6 The 50 mile runner problem
PCH- 11.6 System of nonlinear equations application problem
PCH- ll.6 Nonlinear Systems Review Worksheet #7
PCH- 11.8 Linear Programming
PCH- 14.4 Instantaneous speed of a particle

Pending Videos

  • Algebra II/Trig: Permutations and Combinations
  • Pre-Calc Honors: Building Functions Part 2
  • Honors Chemistry: The Mole

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