Xzfracal 精確分數計算器

Xzfracal is designed to handle many complex mathematical expressions involving fractions and repeating decimals with ease and precision. The followings are samples of problems that can be solved easily and accurately with Xzfracal:

Here are the highlights of Xzfracal:

  • Xzfracal is designed to handle fractions and repeating decimals with ease. You can enter a complex expression involving integers, fractions, mixed fractions and repeating decimals directly. Xzfracal gives you the exact answer in return.
  • Xzfracal can handle complex mathematical expressions, operations and objects including polynomials, matrices, determinants, and system of linear equations.
  • Xzfracal computes the EXACT answers to all supported operations on integers and fractions (provided there is enough memory and time to complete the computations).
  • Xzfracal saves answers in a history stack, you can reuse any previous result in a new expression.
  • The output of Xzfracal is very flexible, you can configure the output in many ways.
  • The help support of Xzfracal is remarkable. It comes with a video overview/tutorial and an extensive manual.
  • Xzfracal is 100% free, user-friendly and safe. It does NOT rely on advertisement in any manner (no distraction nor potentially dangerous add-ons). It does NOT query/collect/store/transmit user information in any manner!

Xzfracal 是一個多功能的精確分數計算器,能夠準確處理以下的運算:

  • 分數,帶分數,循環小數的互相轉換
  • 整數,分數,帶分數,循環小數混合在一起的複雜四則和整數冪運算
  • 整數,分數,帶分數,循環小數的數值比較,一組數值的最大和最小值
  • 通分母,最大公約數,最小公倍數
  • 整數除,模除
  • 最佳有理近似值
  • 階乘,排列和組合個數
  • 多項式的運算:加,減,乘,除,餘,冪,複合運算
  • 矩陣的運算:加,減,乘,轉置,逆,跡
  • 行列式
  • 線性方程組

Xzfracal 的用戶界面人性化,用戶可以:

  • 直接輸入分數,帶分數和循環小數
  • 靈活設定計算結果的表達形式
  • 隨意調用舊算式的結果
  • 瀏覽詳盡的使用手冊

算式的輸入很簡單和直觀, 只要觀看視頻一次, 就可以開始使用!此計算器有兩個版本:在線版和 Android 版!

Xzfracal is also available online. Please note that the manual is comprehensive: it covers the Android and online versions. While most features described in the manual are common to both versions; certain features are unique to Android or online version only.

Version History:

  • ver 1.0 (2012-Feb-28):
    • Initial public Android version release.
  • ver 1.1 (2012-Jul-01):
    • User interface: improved user interface.
    • Help: comprehensive manual.
    • Video: a 13-minute video overview/tutorial is posted on Youtube.
  • ver 1.2 (2012-Jul-28):
    • Core Functionality: min and max takes variable number of arguments.
    • Keyboard: layout changed to allow list building (polynomial).
    • Polynomial: evaluation.
  • ver 2.2 (2012-Aug-17):
    • Core Functionality: smart merging of identical-looking outputs.
    • Core Functionality: new type of entity: fraction list.
    • Keyboard: layout changed to support new changes.
    • Polynomial: addition, subtraction, multiplication, composition.
  • ver 2.3 (2012-Aug-30):
    • Keyboard: improved layout.
    • Polynomial: long division (quotient and remainder).
    • Video: new video on youtube.
  • ver 2.6 (2012-Sep-16):
    • Matrix: addition, subtraction and multiplication.
    • Help: function reference added to in-app help .
    • Video: new video on youtube.
  • ver 3.0 (2012-Oct-18):
    • Matrix: transpose, trace, determinant and inverse.
    • Equation: system of linear equations.
    • Help: comprehensive in-app manual.
    • Help: cue cards.
    • Video: new video on youtube.
  • ver 3.3 (suspended indefinitely):
    • Radix: base 2 (binary) to 36.
    • Quadratic surds.
    • Help: extended manual and cue cards.
    • Support: new dedicated web site.
    • Video: new video on youtube.