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Phone:        801-412-2800  ext. 42219

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Middle School Courses:   Elk Ridge Math Classes in a Nutshell VIDEO 
     7th Grade Math          
     8th Grade Math    
     Secondary Math 1    

High School Courses:          
     Secondary Math 3 H                 

College Courses:                 
     Math 1040 Statistics     
     Math 1050 College Algebra           
     Math 1060 Trigonometry      
     Math 1210 Calculus I          

Helpful information and Links:
Online Tutorial Videos:     
In addition to the specialized videos that are linked in the courses above, there are thousands of videos posted on www.youtube.com that can help you solve nearly any type of math problem from basic arithmetic to advanced calculus.  If you can name what you are trying to learn, you can probably find it on YouTube.  Simply go to www.youtube.com and search for "How to ______________" (fill in the blank with the skill you're trying to learn).  PatrickJMT is one of the best tutors on YouTube.  Just put "Patrickjmt" in your search and his videos will come up.  Most videos show step-by-step instructions and most searches return more than one video.  Some videos are better than others.  Some videos might show you a technique different than the one your teacher showed in class.  Find one that works for you and go with it.  Overall, it is an excellent resource.  

Quick Links to Math Helps:

Math tutorial videos by Patrick on PatrickJMT-  patrickjmt.com    (Patrick also has his videos on YouTube.  They are sometimes easier to find there.)

Videos at www.youtube.com (Do a search for the type of problem you need help with.  e.g. Seach for "how to solve quadratic equations patrickjmt".)

Videos by Sal Khan on KhanAcademy-  www.khanacademy.com

Explanations for various topics can be found at www.sparknotes.com/math.

Need To Print Graph Paper?    Click Here to make your own.

Rubik's Cube Solution Guide -  HERE