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Please use the links on the left to access notes, videos, reviews and grading policies for College Transitions Math and Integrated Math 3.
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12/12/18  Semester Exam Practice Tests
Algebra 2 Access the Algebra 2 Semester Exam Review here (with answer key): 
Integrated Math 3 Access the Integrated Math 3 Semester Exam Review here (with answer key):

08/30/18  Excel Assignment
Algebra 2- Use this link to download today's Excel Assignment. This assignment is worth 12 points. You will submit it electronically using Canvas.

08/29/18  Intro to Excel Formulas
Algebra 2- Use this link to download today's Intro to Excel Formulas spreadsheet. 
We will complete this spreadsheet together as a class, it is not for a grade.

08/14/18  Welcome to the 2018-2019 School Year!
I look forward to working with you during this school year!  
Here are "quick links" to each of my class pages:
These pages contain a class overview and all of the class notes that we will take throughout the school year.