I am currently a graduate student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison - Department of Mathematics. I am truly fortunate and grateful for working with my advisor Prof. Gheorghe Craciun. My research interest is in dynamical systems of reaction networks.

I received my B.A. degree from Washington University in St. Louis with summa cum laude under the direction of Prof. Quo-Shin Chi, and M.A. degree from UW Madison, both in mathematics. I went to Matignon high school in Boston. I enjoy learning different areas of mathematics, and am also a secret admirer of other fields like physics, chemistry, computer science, humanity, and many more. In fact, I completed premedical track to learn more about these areas but still at most a beginner (feel free to interrupt me if I ever say anything weird and/or wrong about other fields while talking/running a class!). I also enjoy various crafts and painting, and was the owner of the shop MiniMintPalette during my early years of the graduate study where I had an opportunity to interact with wonderful people all over the world. I am also an amateur singer for both choir and pop singing, and is a proud sister of a musician.

As a first-generation student, education and meeting great mentors like Prof. Quo-Shin Chi, Prof. David Fried, Prof. Peter Gaspar and Dr. Elena Tartaglini had a great impact on my life. I believe that my job as a teacher is to provide an environment where the students feel welcomed and supported. I will strive my best to optimize learning experiences of my students which includes maintaining an encouraging and inclusive environment, and ensuring that academic accommodation is met.

Thank you everyone and welcome to my website.