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… a 5-week summer study-abroad program designed specifically for students in engineering, mathematics, and the sciences 

Mathematical Beauty in Rome
Rome, Italy

Offered since 2008, Mathematical Beauty in Rome - Math in Rome for short - is an exciting and unique five-week summer program for undergrads (part of the UCSD Global Seminar series comprised of two official 4-unit UCSD classes) where we go to Rome, Italy to explore the architectural geometry and structural engineering of Rome's greatest monumental works, such as the Colosseum, Pantheon, St. Peter's, and others. We will address such questions as: How did the Romans use geometry to design the Colosseum? What engineering principles are behind the Pantheon's large dome? How does an aqueduct work? How is mathematical perspective achieved in Raphael's masterpiece of art, The School of Athens? In addition to studying these topics, we will go to the actual sites to see the theory come alive. This seminar is appropriate for all technical majors (engineering, mathematics, sciences, etc.). If you want to live Italian-style in Rome - the Eternal City - for five glorious weeks to study its mathematical beauty, this program is for you!

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Next Offering Depends on You!

The offering of the Math in Rome program depends on student interest - at least 15 students are needed to make the program viable.  If you are a student who is interested in participating, please send me an email at  If there is enough student interest, we'll hold the program!

Academic Paper on Mathematical Beauty in Rome Program

This paper, presented at the 2016 IEEE Integrated STEM Education Conference (ISEC ’16), in Princeton, NJ, describes the motivation and pedagogical basis for the Math in Rome study-abroad program.  It can be found here.

5 Reasons to Study Math in Rome

Wondering if you should sign up for Mathematical Beauty in Rome?
Thanks to our friends at ISA (International Studies Abroad) for allowing me to guest blog on their website.

A Student's Viewpoint

What is the Mathematical Beauty in Rome program like? Here's a former student's point of view that beautifully captures the essence and spirit of the program.