I am a Professor of economics at the University of Strasbourg.  I am also an adjunct professor at HEC Liège and a research fellow at the Global Labor Organization (GLO).

I am a member of the International Social Security group at the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER)

My research focuses on the determinants of social preferences and the impact of social policies on individual behaviour. I am also interested in demography, especially the effect of aging on welfare. 

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Selected recent publications

Information disclosure under liability: an experiment on public bads, (with J. Jacob, E. Lambert and S. Van Driessche).

Social Choice and Welfare, 61, 155-197, 2023.

Nursing Homes and Mortality in Europe: Uncertain Causality (with X. Flawinne, P. Pestieau,S. Perelman and J. Schoenmackers).

Health Economics, 32, 134-154, 2023.

Are preferences for work reference dependent or time nonseparable? Experimental evidence (with S. Cosaert and L. Martin)

European Economic Review, 148, 2022.

Preference and strategic behavior in public good games (with G. Grandjean and M. Mantovani)

Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 195, 171-185, 2022.

The effect of international accreditations on students' revealed preferences: Evidence from French business schools (with J. Jacqmin)

Economics of Education Review, 85, 102-192, 2021.