Grade 4 Math Fact Practice

1. Let's Practice. 

Use the following site to practice your facts. These quizzes are just for practice and the results won't go to your teacher.  Pay attention to which facts you have to stop and think about to answer.  Those are the ones you need to record and practice at home.


1. Choose a level.

2. Turn on Pause.

3. Select addition, subtraction or multiplication. 

2. Let's Take A Quiz.  

Click on the link below to take your assigned quiz.  

Addition Quizzes           Subtraction Quizzes           Multiplication Quizzes         Division Quizzes

Before you play a game, record any facts you missed on your test.  These are the facts you need to take home a practice.

3. Let's Have Some Fun!

Try out some of these games to improve your fact fluency!