Designed for iPhone / iPad / iPod touch.

Geometry, the study of space and spatial relationships, is an important and essential branch of the mathematics curriculum at all grade levels. The ability to apply geometric concepts is a life skill used in many occupations. The study of geometry provides the student with a vehicle for enhancing logical reasoning and deductive thinking for modeling abstract problems and for helping us expand both mentally and mathematically.

“Math Geometry” is designed for children ages 5 to 12 to study the geometry. “Math Geometry” covers following topics / concepts / terms:

* 2D Shapes and their properties
* 3D Shapes and their properties
* Angles (acute, right, obtuse, straight, full, oblique, reflex, adjacent, vertical, supplementary, complementary)
* Triangles (acute, right, obtuse, oblique, equilateral, isosceles, scalene)
* Transformations (translation / slide, rotation / turn, reflection / flipping, zooming / scaling)
The app contains many funny cartoon pictures and hi quality figures, so your kids will love this app.

* choosing the number of questions (10, 15 or 20)
* different question types
* progress report (shows the last and best result per each task)
* reset statistics
* sound control

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