Math Fun

Mathematics is not about numbers, equations, computations, or algorithms; it is about understanding.
                                                                                                                                        William Paul Thurston


Addition / Subtraction
    Math Mayhem-> Addition
    Math Mayhem-> Subraction
    Alien Addition (RM?)
    Minus Mission  (RM?)
Math Lines   RM
    Sums of 10
    Sums of 11
    Sums of 12 
    Sums of 13
    Sums of 15
    Sums of 16
    Sums of 17
    Sums of 18
Multiplication / Division
     Math Mayhem Multiplication->Play a friend on another computer! Careful, it's addictive!              
     Math Mayhem-> Division
     Grand Prix Mult. Racing - Play by yourself or a friend online!   RM              
     Space Race Multiplication             
    Play Game 2. Time yourself. RM

    Drag product to factors on grid. Displays mystery picture. RM

    Try to get 4 products in a row before the computer does!  RM
     Drag cards to make a true multiplication sentence. RM 
    Choose a multiple. Catch the multiples in the basket!  RM? 
    Practice your multiplication facts! 
    Play a friend. Be first to get 4 in a row. Move one bottom marker.  RM

    Puzzle. Choose a level. Find the value of the object.  RM
    Find the value of the object. RM
    Choose the heaviest object.   RM

Fractions, Decimals, Percents
    Match equivalent fractions within given time. Move up levels.Other activities. RM
    Click on a fraction greater or less than the given fraction. RM
    Your goal is to get all markers to the right by adding the card to one of the fractions. It must be < or equal to 1. Press on the top card.  RM 
    Shade horizontally and vertically to find product.  RM
    Sort equivalent fractions. RM
    Find all equivalent fractions before being eaten by the monster!   RM
    Find pairs that equal 100, 1 (whole #'s, fractions, decimals)   RM 
    Match fraction, decimal, percent.  RM 

Integers, Ratios, Proportions 
    Orbit Integers   Adding Integers
    Integer Warp   Multiply Integers
    Ratio Martian   Recognizing Ratios
    Ratio Stadium   Equivalent Ratios
    Ratio Blaster   Find equal ratios
    Dirt Bike Proportions  Which number completes the proportion?

    Estimate the angle measure to find the missing aliens!  RM
    Estimate angle measurement, the closer you are, the more BANANAs you get!   RM
    Symmetric sketching - create beautiful pictures and print them, if you like!    RM
    Match descriptions of types of triangles. Can you match all in 6 tries?    RM
    Scroll down, click on begin each time after completing one puzzle. RM
    Fit pieces into "suitcase" by translation, reflection, rotations. Different levels. RM 
    1st quadrant grid. How long will it take you to feed Billy Bug?! RM
    4 quadrant grid. How long will it take you to feed Billy Bug?! RM
    Can you locate the aliens in 90 seconds? Find the alien on the 4 quadrant grid; type its coordinates.
    How many aliens can you rescue in 90 seconds? 4 quadrant grid.  RM
    Can you pick which nets could be used to make a cube? If correct, it turns brown.  RM
    Fill the cube with smaller cubes to find the volume. Change the dimensions.  RM
    Test knowledge of measuring angles. Protractor. "Make an Angle" with RM
    Fit shapes as they go by on the conveyor belt. Lose points if you have to put one in the "trash."  It's a little like Blokus.

Sudoku (first page) RM 

    Use the cards and choose operation (pull down) to reach target number.  RM
    Remove multiples of numbers to find prime numbers.  RM
     Choose place value, Super Brain!  RM
    Site corresponds to our text. Find the activity for the chapter we're on!  RM
    Test of general math knowledge  RM 
    Math Activity Pack. Whole Numbers Octopus. Strategy games.
    Math Act. Pack, Whole#'s Octopus
    Games (matho, concentration, hidden picture)
    Can you win a million dollars with your math and science knowledge? RM
    Start a business. How much can you make in 30 days?
    How many disks can you move successfully?
    Can you make a bridge across the area before the computer makes one? RM
    Choose your level...Get your car through rush hour traffic! RM 
    Can you leave just one peg? RM