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Developing Effective Fractions Instruction for Kindergarten Through 8th Grade Adobe Acrobat File (6.06 MB) 
This practice guide presents five recommendations intended to help educators improve students’ understanding of fractions. Recommendations include strategies to develop young children’s understanding of early fraction concepts and ideas for helping older children understand the meaning of fractions and the computations involved. The guide also highlights ways to build on students’ existing strategies to solve problems involving ratios, rates, and proportions. 

September 2010

Developing Effective Fractions Instruction for Kindergarten Through 8th Grade

Information Briefs

Using Mnemonic Instruction to Teach Math
This brief illustrates mnemonics that are useful in teaching math facts, order of operations, measurement, geometry, problem-solving techniques, and other areas of math to students with disabilities.

Using Peer Tutoring for Math
This brief provides an introduction and examples of how teachers may implement peer assisted learning as an instructional strategy for math lessons.

Computer-Assisted Instruction and Math
This brief gives a quick overview of CAI and explains how it can be used effectively in Math classrooms.

Concrete-Representational-Abstract Instructional Approach
Provides an overview of the Concrete-Representational-Abstract (CRA) Instructional Approach and discusses how this intervention can be used to improve math instruction.

Direct/Explicit Instruction and Math
This short brief gives an overview of Direct/Explicit Instruction and explains how it can be applied to enhance math instruction.

Learning Strategies and Math
Learn the importance of Learning Strategies and how it relates to math instruction.

Math Differentiation Brief
This short brief gives an overview of Differentiation and explains how it can be applied to enhance math instruction.

Math Graphic Organizers
This brief by Drs. Maccini and Gagnon defines graphic organizers and provides examples of their use in a math classroom.

Math Problem Solving for Primary Elementary Students with Disabilties
This brief by Marjorie Montague deals specifically with math problem solving for students in kindergarten through grade 3, especially students with learning disabilities.

Math Problem Solving for Upper Elementary Students with Disabilities
This brief by Marjorie Montague provides an overview of the math problem-solving process. Further, it discusses how students with disabilities can successfully acquire and develop problem-solving skills.

Strategy/Implicit Instruction and Math 
This brief gives an overview of Strategy/Implicit Instruction and explains how it can be applied to enhance math instruction.

Student Access to Division 
Explains an alternative approach to designing and implementing Math lessons to meet the needs of students with learning disabilities. In particular, an approach to teaching the concept of division, which is based on prior knowledge of place value, measurement, and partitioning, is described.

Web-Based Resources for Mathematics: Articles Related to Mathematics Education
Provides users with access to articles relating to mathematics education. The articles are all available free and have been cataloged according to the type of research and the content and process standards developed by National Council of Teachers of Mathematics.
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Web-Based Resources for Mathematics: Tools and Activities for Teaching and Learning 
This valuable resource includes a large annotated list of free web-based tools and activities. Each tool and activity focuses on a specific mathematics concept or skill.


Math: ENC Online has gathered nearly 700 lessons and resources for teaching math and organized them by topic: number and operations, algebra, measurement, reasoning and proof, problem solving, patterns, history, etc.

Eisenhower National Clearinghouse for Mathematics and Science Education provides information for educators about creating and identifying professional development opportunities.

National Center for Improving Student Learning and Achievement in Mathematics and Science (NCISLA) is working to build a solid research base on how to improve instruction. Their site includes research findings, publications, and teacher resources in mathematics and science.

North Carolina Department of Public Instruction Web site offers resources for activities that can be printed and used immediately.


Research-Based Math Interventions
Dr. Shanon Hardy gave this presentation at the Access Center's District Information Sharing meeting in fall 2004.

Research Proven Strategies in Mathematics
Provides information on the current research base for mathematics. Includes historical perspectives, current standards, and the five components required for effective math instruction. 
Math Handout


"Making Mathematics Meaningful for Students with Learning Problems: Powerful Teaching Strategies that Work"
Watch and listen to the recorded event

Dr. David Allsopp facilitated this webinar on September 7, 2004. This webinar emphasized three important points educators should consider when teaching students with learning problems to be successful in mathematics. First, we must value that mathematics is important for students both in school and in life. Next, we must understand how students' learning characteristics create barriers to accessing the meaning of mathematics. And finally, we must implement powerful instructional strategies and techniques that create opportunities for students to find meaning, purpose and success in mathematics. 
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RTI: Select the Right Intervention

Multimedia OverviewThe Content of Math Interventions

This multimedia overview explores the content focus of Tier 2 and Tier 3 math interventions and recommends an approach to solving word problems based on underlying structures rather than key words. The overview also emphasizes the importance of developing fluent fact retrieval. (5:47 min)
Interventions for Struggling Learners in Mathematics
This PowerPoint presented by Dr. Russell Gersten at the 2009 Indiana Math Summit addresses the challenges of implementing RtI in math instruction and how it can be used to help struggling students become proficient.
Reading Rockets: Number Sense — Rethinking Arithmetic Instruction for Students With Mathematical Disabilities
This article demonstrates how using interventions centered on number sense concepts can significantly enhance instruction for students with math disabilities.
Math Intervention Materials for Current MA Standards from DESE

Math Intervention Strategies. Deciding what specific math interventions might be appropriate for any student must therefore be a highly individualized process, one that is highly dependent on the student’s developmental level and current math skills, the requirements of the school district’s math curriculum, and the degree to which the student possesses or lacks the necessary auxiliary skills (e.g., math vocabulary, reading comprehension) for success in math. Here are some wide-ranging classroom (Tier I RTI) ideas for math interventions that extend from the primary through secondary grades.

Cognitive Strategy Instruction . This website presents a series of interventions in which students are taught thinking strategies that they can use to perform better in reading, mathematics, writing, studying, and other areas. The site was created by Dr. Bob Reid and Torri Lienemann at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. || Report Broken Link
Ideas to Boost Basic Academic Skills . This site, ‘Scientifically Based Research’, contains interventions that target reading, math, and writing. The strategies were written by Dr. Amanda VanDerHeyden of the University of Southern California at Santa Barbara and Dr. Joe Witt of Louisiana State University. || Report Broken Link
Intervention Central . Find lots of academic and behavioral strategies to choose from at Intervention Central. Browse through this site's many classroom management and instructional ideas that are drawn from current research on effective interventions || Report Broken Link
Reading, Math, & Writing Interventions from MSU . Find pages featuring intervention ideas to improve reading comprehension, writing, and math skills on this site. It is sponsored by the School Psychology Program at Michigan State University. || Report Broken Link

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