The Origin and Heritage of Piggy Stardust

The Beginnings

Piggy Stardust did not come into this universe unannounced or unbidden.

Long long ago in the Central place, star travelers came across the Fritz. And with that Fritz came a new kind of awareness.

That awareness cannot be explained, only discovered. Here are the original logs, the "Fritz report"s as it were.

Fritz Report [link broken, lost to the ravages of time]

And afterwards there was a great silence as the knowledge churned against our minds and the consciousness clawed at our lives. Until one day, fatefully, on the sojourn to "Rivercon." Dread Pirate Cupcake noted that a tip jar might be appropriate for the weekend, and a dreadnaught of an idea came up broadside and boarded. This pig, this rocker with stars and shades and one tasteful piercing, could collect more than base funds.

And it seemed only appropriate that this prophet be given an appropriate monicker. That his legend should suit his porcine nature as well as his immortal wisdom. And lo, Piggy Stardust was born.A Growing Awareness

It was not just to be "Rivercon" that Piggy Stardust attended. Many conventions and gaming get-togethers have been graced by his magnificence. Piggy Stardust has gone as far as Dragon*Con in Atlanta, and to such intimate spaces as ConPromise and Moat Con. All along the way he's gathered fans to him, people who can feel the tendrils of perception crawling over their lives and experiences.

The wisdom of Piggy Stardust is archived here, but some who have capitalized on the good fortune of meeting him are on the email distribution. Those lucky few are the first to be graced by his insightful commentary.

The Need for More, and Flattering Imitators

Piggy Stardust has made more than a few envious of his unique abilities. And he has excited a handful to give up their current frame and adopt an immortal coil, a wrapping befit a true lama of the age. The first two joined up just in time for MoatCon (August 19-21, 2011)

Debut Performance
Standing before the Pig himself
Created by the masterful Kelley
Comes with pork fried rice
Much speculation abounds as to the storage capacity of Puerca Blanca, but she insists she is "USB 3.0 Compluant."
Is it a self-portrait?  Is she self-aware?

- Prince came to Piggy Stardust from the bowels of a funky bog in Florida. Where before he was a mere frog, scratching around decaying stumps for flies, now he has been kissed by Stardust and has transfigured into a Prince, a Sage among the swamp. He remains prolifically talented with his guitar, though he has ostentatiously decorated it with leopard print. Purple is his chosen color, and it suits him well, as does his effeminate mustache and pale pale lipstick.

- HipHopAPotamus had a nervous beginning. A shy nerd, hidden behind thick glasses and embarrassed by his inescapable fascination with the 80's, he could hardly find the courage to approach someone as classy and perfectly flamboyant as Piggy. However, the call to aid in Stardust's noble mission overcame him, and he donned his velour in pride, gladly broadcasting over his tapedeck to all who will hear his cry.

- Combo Number Swine came unexpectedly, and then left just as suddenly. We hunger for more.

A transplant from a humid and far-flung southern land, Puerca Blanca is a quiet pig. She prefers to sit demurely, allowing others to speak, waiting her turn. She is conversant... in technology. (Also, Spanish.) Always polite, always just so. Is she a mute? SHE IS A LADY.

Our Lady In White enjoys wordplay, space, and delicious index cards.

He was homeless and living in a Chinese grocery in Raleigh until Jeff took him to Moatcon 4.

There he traded Leechy cups for wisdom. His ways are mysterious and inscrutable.

House Call

The swine, the ham, the mystery

It became clear that Piggy Stardust cared only for the wisdom of those moments, that alignment of creative people with similar purpose that can only be found at a gaming convention. And so it was that another was called, another needed, another named.

House Pig came to that call. House Pig is pliable, like water, flowing into the spaces between gaming conventions. House Pig denies the rumors that House Pig was formed out of whole chaos. House Pig defies such trivialities as "gender." House Pig constantly yearns to recreate anew, and has undergone many changes. House Pig will continue to change, to fit where needed, and to preside over the intervals until Piggy Stardust reclaims the mantle, and to "maintain a constant changing back-drop for the shooting brilliance that is Piggy Stardust."