October 2013

From Oct 4 to Nov 5, 2013, House Pig contained the following:

"You need to shut up before I lay down by the yellow thing and let Beth win."

"It's just faith and a baseball bat."

"No! So much No!"

"It's a dog eat pig world."

"I have accomplished the task and shall move on with my new god-like abilities."

"You can try, sir. I may have to roll the dice on you."

"Quit putting grass around it. We'll just play with it."

"Dog! What the hell are you doing to my leg?"

"I was one of the last people to put my hand in the crack."

"Got a white shirt. Gotta use my pants."

"You have a PhD...in SCIENCE!"

"I have to go, but not before I stick my ass in your face."

"I can't. It wiggles."

"I have tiny cheese!"

"'Or?' I am more of an 'and' girl."

"Are Germany and China close together?"

"I took a nap and now I am all stabby."

"Why are there used condoms on my news feed? Oh, they aren't Used used."

"You never know when you'll need a shoebox."

"Let me investigate your butt."

"Well, I did clean my spoon."

"You are just one big beautiful blur."

"I especially like the bonus toe."

House Pig did indeed enjoy Halloween. He went to Disney and repeatedly rode Space Mountain, deeming the entire ride his costume, which he called "PIG...IN...SPAAACE!"

Ride on House Pig, ride on.