May 2013

For Jan 19- May 1, 2013 House Pig contained the following:

"If Supergirl doesn't come out early, she's wasted."

"I'm not saying she has a big box." "Have you seen it? It's outside."

"As funny as my vagina is, Denny's parking lot wins."

"50ft statue of a tiny horse."

"You guys are both Randy, right?"

"And beads apparently have emotions."

"Wow, these are stiff!"

"Peace, shmeese."

"You can't follow up with a dollop of sour cream, that's for sure."

"It is all going like shit in the end."

"I went deeper than I meant to."

"I'm laughing with your junk."

"Aw. Jowls."

"Right now, size is our biggest problem."

"You picked a big, black dick out of my hand." "Yes."

"Here is my phone number. Point me in the direction of Evil."

"It's a drive-by Christening."

"It brings a tear to my...wherever tears come from."

"In a town populated by child-killing octogenarians..."

"The pie is closed."

"Pixelated bukake... that's like bad, right?"

"I'm the KKK. It's amazing what the white sheet can hide."

"This should be fun, when I get used to it."

"We took your black cards."

"I'm going to save this one for Special Times."

"I love me a good ole fashioned famine."

"That was so wrong, I had to go with it."

"I stopped watching the news because it makes me sad and the weatherman lies."

"Is that what you call your genitals?"

"Yes. I don't want anything squishy coming out of my penis."

"I'll have it both ways."

"I didn't mean you shouldn't talk."

"I am figuratively right behind you."

"QuasiCringlephobia: the fear of fat mean with bad beards."

"And no one is shoving banana pudding up my ass, except you honey."

"Your loin cloth was a pixel."

"Why aren't you watching me piddle in the yard."

"It's a used Pope Mobile."

"If you keep sharing TMI, I'm going to show you my tick bite."

"Testicle squash. is fabulous; you should try it!"

"Whores and tax collectors are the same thing."

"Lactokinesis. It only works on milk...and milk byproducts, like cheese."

House Pig is happy about the additional food provided by the introduction of Cards Against Humanity. However, it tastes funny.

Ride on House Pig, ride on.