Camp Nerdly 9

In May of 2016, the Skele-pig triplets, HipHopapotamos, and Prince all collected the following:

"I support MY right to own helicarriers!"

"I don't think the American government should get in the way of that."

Do you have knives in your shoes?"

"Hey, what's that over there?"

"... A good excuse to eat a pickle?"

"Is that money?"

"That wasn't emotional, that was just... moist."

"Unexpected kidney jab in the heart."

"You have lupus."

"I can turn into a wolf?"

"No, your immune system turns on your own body's joints and organs."


"A man puts a stack of credits in the bar and stabs a KNIFE through the."

"Your money's no good here."

"There was a bird I was going to murder."



"Wait, is that a Quest? Guys, I think we got a Quest!"

"I can actually go in two holes"

"I only know the color of Anakin's blade..."

"I bet you do!" (x2)

"You have half a snake - I'll call that Advantage"

"I don't have any face to make dismissive facial expressions"

"Give me a 'Command' vs. 'Jetpack'!"

"Hi, you were my Viking husband 2 years ago weren't you"

"Yeah. Which one of us murdered the other?"

"Obi Wan Kenobi, you have made your Empress proud."

"You want to die on the moon?"

"It's the stabbing pen, like the sorting hat only a slightly different purpose."

"You better hurry because I have warm hands."

"I'm dripping pickle juice in your disc."

"Sweet! I'll use it later."

"Who's ready to die in space??"

"Ah, sounds like Nerdly."

"The head is also basically a dildo."

"Would y'all like to ride me?"

"Hydrofoil you can say correctly?"

"I'd go ahead and tap that if I were you."

"Can you be a mean girl?"

"You're the Hulk of light"

"Assless chaps and firefighting don't mix."

"The ones that taste like strawberries are dangerous."

"YODA! What are you doing in my room!"

"I'm not here to make friends - I'm here to LOSE!"

"Flesh dreads start to spread"

"This shield tastes like blueberries. This is important because the ones that taste like strawberries are dangerous."

"Bumping their nubbly bits"

"The Phallus of Justice"

"The galactic vibrotron"

"Ankh of Agony and Ecstasy"

"Planting the Love garden"

"I'm not reckless; I just like to drive fast."

"Space... shirt? I dunno."

"You hold the video camera. I'll take the picture."

"So you just shoved the whole thing in your mouth?"

"I'll remove his face if that helps."

- - - - - -

Piggy Stardust mostly approves of all of this, but is that a tear of pride at finally earning the Adult Content warning without resorting to four-letter words?