Camp Nerdly 8

For the weekend of May 15 - 17, Prince and HipHopapotamus collected all of the following humid, hot wisdom.

How many leaders to we have today? How many hearts do we have today?

Do or Do not there is no Try

Wear it like a drag queen of nobility

I'm in Blue heaven!

Are you a cheerleader? or a hockey player?

That place is like pony IKEA or something.

I don't care about your drama, I have GLORIOUS vampire drama in five minutes.

I'm shipping you guys really hard: Merphephone.

Yattamun got to get paid.

Their Burdens -- You know, Their Humans...

It's not like it's an amazing quote.

"Captain Bathroom Break" is a more versatile superhero than you'd expect.

I could strap him on, if you're comfortable with that.

"I have an abacus in my pocket." "You should see a doctor."

Woah, that's too much trust!

EVERYTHING is for Old + up!

What if we all pee at the same time to put out the fire?

"That death is on your hands." "More like on your windshield."

Oh man... Heaven has a lot of bugs.

I just see an ewok in mandalorian armor, with a really impressive spear.

*Yo soy Italiano (* in Spanish)

Put your foot down or I'll shoot you with my vagina!

The beard passes grapple check!

I may have led you astray. I didn't mean to tempt you with spearguns.

You're fighting the moon.

The shower has an agenda.

I couldn't hear you; someone was whispering vagina in my ear

Domestic violence - there's something for everybody!

So we do a sort of rabbit commando raid? Get in, dig a hole, get out?

After all this talk about side-view one-ball pointy-cock...

Well if everyone's passed out drink, it's kind of like stability.

No, no, no, no! I am liking my robot too much. Iced vodka!

Boris Wayne, the communist Batman.

Eventually, you stop trying to improve yourself and just wear the gloves.

I'm gonna Ragnarok your world!

Pistols at dawn! ... Swords at dawn! ... ... Pistols that shoot swords at dawn!

Unfortunately, the leaders you kidnapped are very good at leading people to steep cliffs.

I slap the guard in the face with the dead dog.

This solar system is a misdemeanor!

God isn't dead, he's just been in jail for a while.

So... we;ve saved the town from being looted by the mayor by looting it before he could. Win, I guess.

"What's the door made out of?" "Uhh... rainbows."

Your father was a rucksack and your mother was a piece of felt!

Have no fear, pitiful civilians! KELP is on the way!

It goes inside the frog.

I got magic and an axe; I can take care of this.

I don't think they can step on us from that far away!

Every culture loves shortening, man.

Yeah, but there are still terminator penguins around.

I regret not dancing to music while wearing by ebola hat.

I'm going to probe you!

Nobody cares about force thunder.

Remember that night we shared? It bore fruit, and the fruit's name is Pedro.

I'm going to do something terrible. Something I do every time I game. So, I feel the pangs of childbirth...

We have to follow her to find the D.

Let it be known throughout the land that I'm molesting the village idiot!

"Why would you do that" "Just to watch the world burn"

For the most part, treating them as tiny, savage adults works.

Follow my butt!


My bosom is heaving. I've always wanted to say that.

I'm the therapy ghost.

I was what you did last summer.

The backup dancers would like to thank 36 of the quotes for using the provided, pre-approved, pig papers. They would like to especially recognize the ingenuity and thrift of a further 6 quotes for being written on smaller scraps of pink paper.

Thankfully, they were all so humid and hot that they came out easily(