Camp Nerdly 7

Three little piggies went to Nerdly. All were made of bone.

They filled their tummies with wisdom, and carried it all the way home.

Good man, Cheese. Good Man.

Five of my characters died during char-gen; fate's just trying to catch the one that got away.

Everything comes true when you wish upon a Death-Star.

Save the Healer!

She cuts herself to help everyone else.

You're not a very good monk...

What you need is a can of caffeine.

That's a good place to put a bird.

I don't know how this ship works. Oh wait. I'm the engineer. Yes I do, and yes you can!

My foot hurts and I want organs.

Noses are important... but not to Voldemort.

That's... not how cats work.

Save the Pig! Save the Pig! Swim, Piggy! Swim!

I've got a robot meat puppet!

And then there's that awkward moment I get to giggle at. No? Seaweed?

Did you put it in the pig?

More roasted chicken for the dragon.

Just imagine it is your grandmother's jelly.

I'm going to take out this baby monster. [..] She's the girl of my dreams.

So... the nutshots are going well...

How do you knock smarmily?... Oh God!

All-you-can-drink brunches are the bane of this relationship.

Doomed by wordplay!

It's almost always sloppy joe day.

If we leave St. Issik's arse, there's only one door... right?

It's time for Vag-Man.

I am drunk with doctor power!

I was hit in the face with a bat at Camp Nerdly.

I could have gotten really crazy last night. There could have been a turkey baster.

Remove one hand from your hand.

I'm setting the devolver gun to "otter." And I don't mean one of those smart otters that can learn tricks.

Here's a plastic knife. Don't lick the serrated bits!

Wait, this game has mechanics? I don't like games with mechanics.

I really don't like games with mechanics.

He's not my problem, so I win.

You may have to use your finger.

I guess it's better than trying to bleach the blocks.

Apparently you got a PhD in blackmail.

Don't make me turn this camp around!

I have high hopes for my character: Carmine Fodder.

How do you Doctor?

God DAMMIT Bison!

Everything's gripping your pole today.

Good people are bad really.

Aw, we didn't even use the children.

No more love from me. Only insanity.

You didn't say he's fired from golf!

I need to replinish my bucket of man-meat!

There might, or might not, be a car inside of the house.

Wait, can I just pay you in coke?

Oh, so THAT's what this movie's about, Blowing Coke into a Horse's Ass?

They are dead people, and they can be smart.

Oh, don't worry. IT's not driveable

I'm kind of like Christ, but with '70s rick music.

Who are you carrying bags for? Is it Milton? Cause I'll TAKE Milton's organs.

I will start dancing my butt against your face.

All I wanted was some golf 'n' blow.

I can't believe I'm saying this, but we could really use Aquaman now.

I'm more like the thing that makes the cookies.

I said 'circle jerks!'

Go away or I'll eat your face! I will eat your hairy little face off!

Now that drugged-up dude in the hospital is NOT my problem!

Wink wink nudge nudge, how about some pancreatic cancer?

I was trying to get it to bite me.

I satisfied a deep need in you.

No killing anybody in the first round. It's a rule.

Curse you, rubbers! Fouled again...

Like a crunchy gummy bear.

Due also to the diversity of food fed to the piggies this time, a chart tallying their intake is also included for consideration:

It's important to be accurate