Wherever Note

Welcome to Wherever Note, your location based note manager!

To install from your phone click here or scan the barcode below 

Create a location & enter your notes with a quick & easy interface.  Add separate notes for home, work, school, shops and more!  When you open Wherever Note, it will show you the closest location's notes (using your GPS or network to detect your location).  No more long to-do lists to scan through!
  • Adding Locations: Press the drop down menu and select Add new location. Enter the name of the location. Your current location will be listed by default. Uncheck the box and enter a new location if needed. When opening the application, the location will default to the one closest to you.
  • Removing Locations: To remove a location, press the menu button and select Remove location.
  • Adding Notes: Press the Add new note to add notes.
  • Removing Notes: To remove the note, press and hold the note. Notes can also be removed by clicking on the note and pressing the menu button.
  • Moving Notes: To move a note to another location, click on the note and press the menu button. 

To install from your phone click here or scan the barcode below.


Got feedback? Drop us an email at android.wherevernote@gmail.com.