RateMe Help

 Welcome to the RateMe help page

RateMe is an application that lets users collaboratively rate images on their mobile devices.  They can also upload their own pictures for consideration by the community.

How do I rate a picture? 

Click the stars below the picture to give it a rating - you can change your rating as many times as you want before you hit the 'next' button.

How do I mark the picture as being inappropriate?

If you click the flag button below the picture, you can mark the photo as having content that is inappropriate for users to view.  Please try not to flag photos unnecessarily.

How do I upload or replace my own picture?

Under the menu link, you can click the "Upload" option to upload your own picture.  Only one picture can be uploaded from your set of pictures at any time.  No other information from your phone is sent to the server, so the pictures are anonymous and identified only with a randomly generated code.  If you reinstall the application, you may lose the ability to manage your uploaded pictures.

How do a view a new category?

The drop down menu at the top of the application lets you pick which category you are currently viewing.  Click the menu to view the top 10 pictures for that category.

How can I share this app with someone else? 

You can scan the barcode below from another phone, to install it from the Android market.