Arun Mathew's page


Here's some stuff I'm working on :

    A family tree that spans outward from my generation. It had about 180 people at last count, I'm hoping more will get added as it gets forwarded around a bit more

    The original naval public school alumni website I put together. It has gotten a bit decrepit lately, particularly since IIT pulled down the hosting for the CGI scripts that I had running for the alumni database. And NPS is now NCS. They renamed the school.
  • RateMe
    RateMe is an Android mobile app for collaboratively rating and posting images 
  • Linky
    Linky is a Chrome extension that allows users to select a set of links on a page, and then have them automatically opened up in a new window.

  • Wherever Note
    Wherever note is a location based notes manager for Android.
  • Custom search engine for cancer related sites