Therapy Room
Waiting/Group Room

703 3rd Ave

Longmont Office
The Allen House
703 3rd Avenue, Suite 202
Longmont, CO 80501

I am so pleased to welcome you to the historic G.W. Allen House, built in 1892. The Victorian Eclectic architecural style is still quite well intact and brings a warmth and charm to the space that you are sure to enjoy. Learn more about this beautiful home here.
Online Therapy
I use doxy.me for online therapy for clients living in Colorado and Wyoming. doxy.me is an encrypted, confidential, free teletherapy platform that you don't even have to download! Simply click on my personalized link I will text or email you and you'll be taken right to my virtual waiting room where I will "invite" you into our teletherapy session. Please ensure you are in a private, confidential place for our session. Headphones are always recommended as they drastically improve the quality of the audio and reduce the incidence of "feedback."

I can also do therapy by phone for those who prefer that modality. My business cell number is 720-340-1819. I will initiate all teletherapy calls with you. Please ensure you are in a private, confidential place for our call. Headphones are always recommended for privacy and call quality.

Wyoming Clients
I use Teletherapy for all Wyoming clients, or you can choose to take the scenic drive to meet with me in person in my office in Longmont, CO. While I do not have a physical office in WY, I work very effectively with clients online and by phone. 
Online Counselling