Mathers Genealogy Ancestors

    Where Do You Come From? 

    What Medical Runs In Your Family?

    What Did My Ancestors Do For A Living?

    What Is My Family Background?


    There are the questions asked most, Genealogy can surprise you. Some are told one thing and with Genealogy and finding your roots, there comes another. You Might think you are From English Descent but if you trace your roots properly you will find out you are German. I have seen this repeatedly. 


    I have been doing Genealogy for over 20 years now; I started when Computers did not help at all. I have done over 100 Trees and have collected old Family Photos in my Search as Well as some of these documents below. 


   Records that are used in genealogy research




Vital records Birth records Death records Marriage and divorce records Adoption records Biographies and biographical profiles Census records


Church records

Baptism or christening, Confirmation, Bar or bat mitzvah, Marriage, Funeral or death



City directories and telephone directories Coroner's reports, Court records, Criminal records, Civil records Diaries, personal letters and family Bibles, Emigration, immigration and naturalization records, Hereditary & lineage organization records, e.g. Daughters of the American Revolution records Land and property records, deeds, Medical records Military and conscription records Newspaper articles, Obituaries, Occupational records Oral histories ,Passports Photographs Poorhouse, workhouse, almshouse, and asylum records School and alumni association records Ship passenger lists Social Security (within the USA) and pension records Tax records Tombstones, cemetery records, and funeral home records Voter registration records Wills and probate records