Welcome to my humble page, or pages of my Pixel Art collection. A real passion of mine is just to sit back and see what I can draw pixel by pixel.

    My passion for pixel art started when I was still in high School when I used the basic windows bit map editor to design application icons. I've stretched myself in many artistic directions in computer aided design. I've worked with 3D Graphics mostly doing Character design. I've textured them but I will say nothing appeals to me as much as Pixel Art.

    What is Pixel art?
        First if your old enough look back to the days of the super nintendo and sega genesis gaming consols. Most of the games did not consist of beutiful high detail images or dynamic 3D characters. But everything was drawn pixel by pixel; ranging from character animations to equipment items and even the map.

    What is the use of these graphics.
        The first thing I think of is the new Tablet PC's being a popular item. Alot of games made by independent artists consist of Pixel art for it is much less a timely or complex opperation of design then doing high quality 3d. Pixel art was used in games like Final Fantasy, where you would walk your character around the map, using just simple small pixel by pixel images.

    So, Pixel art won't die for a long time I hope, and until then I'll be filling this webpage with more and more of my art that you can use for your projects... FOR FREE!!!