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                                                                                                 THE WOODLAND CHURCH and CEMETERY IN PIKE COUNTY ILLINOIS

                                                                                                                    BUILT IN 1867 - IT WAS THE MATHER FAMILY CHURCH   

               Most all the data posted here is from original research. Some data is from family history and has been verified by the census, visits to the county Court House, 
               from obituaries  and etc.   Very little data on this site has been taken from the web.

               This site is the ancestry of Bess Bea Mather in her line of descent. The surnames in this line of descent are: Mather, Ward, Dewitt and Green.
               Bess Mather married Charles Preston.  For a link to the Charles Preston History click here http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~angiepreston/


               The line of descent for Charles Preston is:  Toliver Preston > Richard T Preston > William Wallace Preston > Charles Preston
              The Mather Family Tree shows the relationship between all families. It is a good first stop.

                The page Histories of the Families in the Family tree  is the standard Family Summary for each family.           

                The page  Family Histories is a brief history of each primary family and is a good second stop.

               The Charles Mather Children is just that. A listing of the children and a next page for the grandchildren.

                Family Pictures and Tombstones are just the few pictures and  a few Family stones.
                If you have questions about the Mather family  please contact me at "corkpreston@gmail.com"