Diana Cheng (Towson University) & Tetyana Berezovski (St. Joseph's University)

Watch the following video and consider what mathematical questions you can investigate regarding the figure skating upright spin (Model 1):

Here is a video of the bird's eye view of a simplified version of the arms' movement (our Model 1):

Here is a video of the upright spin using our Model 2:

One investigation that physicists have considered with respect to the upright spin is that of angular momentum:

Publication of one of the activities:

Cheng, D. & Berezovski, T. (2016). Arm magic in skating spins. OnCore: Arizona Association of Teachers of Mathematics journal, pp. 43-55.

Conference disseminations of our materials on these activities:

Berezovski, T., Cheng, D., & Damiano, R. (2016). Spinning Arms in Motion: Exploring Mathematics within the Art of Figure Skating. To be published in conference proceedings of BRIDGES 2016: Mathematics, Music, Art, Architecture, Culture.

Berezovski, T. & Cheng, D. (2016). “From Content to Context: Mathematics of an Upright Spin in Figure Skating.”  Pennsylvania Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators. Shippensburg, PA.

Cheng, D. & Berezovski, T. (2016). “Getting on Top of Spinning: Modeling the Figure Skating Upright Spin.”  Joint Mathematics Meetings: American Mathematical Society and Mathematical Association of America. Seattle, WA.