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This is the exhaustive list of books that one can use as a text book or use as a reference book.
The views are solely mine and might be in contradiction to anybody else. I respect their knowledge and would not comment on them.
I strongly believe in "right books at right time - rather than right books at wrong time and wrong books at right time" 

Note: For a particular theory please refer one book (among all books dealing with that theory). Since referring multiple books for the same concept may lead to confusion (though both books talk about the same thing they might say that in a different way)

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TopicAuthorTitleRemarksLevelReference or TextbookShould I buy?
TopicAuthorTitleRemarksLevelReference or TextbookShould I buy?
Algebra Bernard & Child Higher Algebra Very difficult book to understand. Should be refered after good Jee Maturity. But beautiful book Advanced Reference No - read if you can get it else leave 
Algebra Hall & Knight Higher Algebra Good to have a copy of this book, or else copy from library. Purely to emphasize full use of this book Beginneer Textbook Yes - good to have personal copy 
Algebra K. C Sinha Eduwiser's Algebra Very good book in line with latest pattern question, Good for quality problem solving Beginneer Textbook Yes - good to have personal copy 
Algebra SK Goyal Arihant - Algebra I & II Good quality of problems but again problem solution approach. Intermediate Textbook Yes - good to have personal copy 
All topics M L Khanna IIT Mathematics - JPNP publishers Collection of problems, but not recommended Intermediate Reference No - read if you can get it else leave 
All topics A Das Gupta  Problem Plus in IIT Mathematics Good set of problem good for practise Intermediate Textbook No - can borrow from library 
Analytical Geometry S K Goyal Arihant-Coordinate Geometry Good but overcrowded. Enough for Coordinate Geometry Advanced Textbook Yes - good to have personal copy 
Analytical Geometry S L Loney Coordinate Geometry Ultimate source of problems and theory Advanced Reference No - can borrow from library 
Analytical Geometry K C Sinha Text book of coordinate geometry Good book basic to advanced level Beginneer Textbook Yes - good to have personal copy 
Calculus Piskunov Differential and integral calculus Very good book for counter examples Advanced Reference No - can borrow from library 
Calculus Amit Agarwal Arihant-Differential Calculus Very good collection of problems. Complete whole book Advanced Textbook Yes - good to have personal copy 
Calculus GN Berman Problem book in Mathematical Analysis Good problem book if you have time to practice. Better practice as you understand the calculus fundamentals Advanced Reference No - can borrow from library 
Calculus I A Maron Calculus in one variables Good collection of problems Advanced Textbook No - can borrow from library 
Calculus Demidovich Mathematical Analysis Good number of problems, theory ok Advanced Reference No - can borrow from library 
Calculus Thomas & Finney - 6th Ed or 11th ed. Calculus & Analytical Geometry Master piece to understand what is calculus through slow and steady approach. Good for 1 year not for 2 year of preparation. Beginneer Reference No - can borrow from library 
Calculus Ghanshyam Tewani Calculus - for IIT JEE Mathematics Very good book for begineer to intermediate Beginneer Textbook Yes - good to have personal copy 
Calculus K C Sinha Textbook of calculus Very good book for beginneers Intermediate Textbook Yes - good to have personal copy 
Calculus -- Arihant : Play with graphs Very good book for practising graphs, though not all graphs are required. Intermediate Textbook Yes - good to have personal copy 
Trigonometry S L Loney Plane Trigonometry Mother book of trigonometry, not required to have one but good to start with solving all problem. Some topic though are outdated. Beginneer Textbook No - can borrow from library 
Trigonometry K. C Sinha Text book of trigonometry Good to start with this book after S. L Loney Intermediate Textbook Yes - good to have personal copy 
Trigonometry Amit Agarwal Arihant: Trigonometry Good collection though not that good Intermediate Textbook No - can borrow from library 
Vectors & 3D Amit Agarwal Arihant : Vectors & 3D Geometry good - theory though is overclumsy and crowded Intermediate Reference Yes - can borrow from library 
Showing 22 items