Mathematics plays a very important part in our daily life.  We have systems of coinage, systems of time measurement, the decimal system of  numeration which we are using in our daily life and the  system of binary numeration applied to computers,  and many other activities based on these number systems.  Even in architecture, we have the concept of aesthetic appeal based on what is called the Golden Ratio based on the Fibonacci system. In all our scientific endeavours leading up to the sending of rockets and satellites and even space vehicles to the Moon, Mars etc. mathematics plays a very important part.  In fact, it has found its habitat even in such apparently unconnected fields, such as biology, in the form of biotechnology and biometrics.  In the field of economy, econometrics is playing a very big part in the formulation of economic policies all over the world.
     In this website, it is proposed to give a bird's eyeview of some of these aspects, such as the time measurement sysem in ancient India, the antiquity of the decimal system of numeration etc.