The units shown below have all undergone several reviews by the teachers in the first and/or second cohort.  Please feel free to use them as is, or to alter them to meet the needs of your students.  If you use a unit and have some suggestions for improving that unit, please do not hesitate to share those improvements with us at this website, or at mthmtcs@verizon.net  
The units were developed with support through the VADOE Mathematics and Science Partnership Grant Program NCLB Title II Part B program by participants in the University of Virginia’s School of Continuing and Professional Studies Office of Mathematics Outreach 21st Century Grant Project. 

Launching Inquiry Based Learning includes suggestions for teachers and for students in getting started, including specific suggestions for the Capstone Course.  

PowerPoint Presentation - an introduction to the Capstone program.  

The Mathematics Performance Expectations targeted in these units are detailed in the VDOE document found on the following website: 

The matrix below presents the title of each unit, a predication for the minimum number of class hours required, and the mathematics strands emphasized in the unit.

A Task-Based Unit is designed for 3 to 8 hours of class time and generally includes more teacher direction along with students working collaboratively in pairs or groups of three.

A Project-Based Unit is designed for more than 8 hours of class time with limited teacher direction during the project.  There is an expectation that student groups will work independently and will engage in research and data collection during the unit.

A Problem-Based Unit is one that entails giving students a real world problem, and asking them to do their best to develop a solution on their own or in groups, using research and problem solving skills, over a period of 3-4 weeks or over the length of a semester as an ongoing project.  The teacher is a coach/advisor throughout the project, but this is totally student-centered.    It may be considered a culminating activity for the course.  

Instruction Units

Ratio &
Algebra   Functions Geometry    Measurement   Statistics   Probability   Trigonometry   Conic 
Task-based Units                        
 Swing Batter Batter PDF  DOC 5 hrs                 
 The Amazing Balloon Race  PDF     DOC 6 hrs 
Sam, Kyle and Kirby: A Love of Triangles PDF  DOC  6 hrs    
   X  X
Dollar Decisions - To Buy or Not to Buy PDF DOC 3 hrs   X            
 To Speed or Not to Speed? That is the Question. PDF  DOC  3 hrs    X  X            
 Which Path Should I Take? PDF DOC  4 hrs         
  From Pyramids to Castles PDF  DOC  4 hrs               
 Crash Landing PDF  DOC  4 hrs     X  X            
 Squared Squares PDF  DOC  5 hrs       X          
 Math or Magic? PDF   DOC 5 hrs               
 Golf Math PDF  DOC  6 hrs                 
 Location Not Found PDF DOC  4 hrs               
Midges: To Sting or Not to Sting
DOC 6 hrs 
 Where in the World is Slope Used?
DOC  4 hrs  X  X    X    
 Mix It Up
PDF DOC 4 hrs X  X            
 Getting There
DOC 5 hrs   
Don't Get Flogged by the Log  PDF  DOC  3 hrs   X            
Project-based Units     
    Class Hours Ratio &
Algebra    Functions Geometry   Measurement  
Statistics Probability  
Trigonometry   Conic Sections  
 If You Build It
DOC  18 hrs  X          
 Senior Trip  PDF DOC  11hrs  
 X  X  X  X  X      
 Summer Job
 PDF  DOC  9 hrs             
 How Do You Like My Ride? 
DOC  10 hrs 
 Is This the Best?
DOC 10 hrs 
 Peeps - Angry Birds Unit
DOC  10 hrs   
 Stealing From the Sun
 DOC 11 hrs  X

 Texting and Driving
DOC  22 hrs 
 Are You Feeling Lucky PDF  DOC  11 hrs   X          X    
 Campaign for Governor  PDF  DOC  18 hrs    X          
 Earthquakes  PDF  DOC  10 hrs      X    X    X  X
 Going Green PDF  DOC  17 hrs     X        
 It's All About the Bones:  The Mathematics of Human Measurement  PDF  DOC 12 hrs     X        
 To Charge or Not to Charge  PDF  DOC 18 hrs   X            
 Are You Healthier Than a Fifth Grader? PDF  DOC  12 hrs         
Amazing Amusement PDF   DOC16 hrs

Class Field Trip PDF  DOC15 hrs       
Do You Wanna Sleep with Fishies ?PDFDOC 12 hrs  X       
Is It Worth It? PDF DOC 11 hrs    X   
Let Go of My Logo PDF DOC 16 hrs       
My Graduation Trip PDFDOC 12 hrs X     
Now Hear This PDF DOC 12 hrs       X  
School Paradise PDF DOC 9 hrs   X    
Taking Our School to a New Dimension PDF DOC 10 hrs  X  X X    
Problem-based Units
    Class Hours   Ratio &

Algebra     Functions   Geometry   Measurement     Statistics Probability   Trigonometry   Conic Sections  
 Sound Off  PDF  DOC 30 hrs           
 The Sound of Energy  PDF DOC  18 hrs         
 Starting a Business  PDF  DOC  27 hrs             
 Make Your Vote Count PDF  DOC 15 hrs   X  X          
 Landscapers Challenge   PDF DOC  13 hrs       
 Redistricting Plan PDF  DOC  15 hrs   X    X      
Yes, Mr. Trump  PDF  DOC  14 hrs           
 School Lunches  PDF  DOC  21 hrs             

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