About Us

MaMuT1 is a summer camp where talented students (between ages 10 and 15) are invited to take part in mathematical programs. The invitations are based on the results of national mathematical competitions. (The competitions are the following (in Hungarian): Varga Tamás matematikaverseny, Kalmár László matematikaverseny, Zrínyi Ilona matematikaverseny, Arany Dániel Matematikai Verseny.)

There are many important goals for this camp. One is to provide an opportunity for these children to meet others with similar abilities and interests -- this is important, as most of them study in regular schools. Another goal is to combine high quality mathematical programs with the entertainment possibilities of a summer camp. Many previous examples underline the fact that these can really help these kids to improve their mathematical skills.

The daily mathematical programs are held by the best teachers of the country. One thing they have in common is the way they teach Mathematics: instead of simply stating ready-made facts, they try to make the students discover mathematical facts themselves.

The camp is located at Mátrafüred, the gateway town to the mountain range Mátra. The lessons take place in a local school, with the students accommodated in the dormitory, situated in the same building as the school.

The camp is not all about mathematics. Every year we make excursions in the mountains of Mátra, teach the children lesser-known board games and other kinds of games which can be played in larger groups. Furthermore, we try to come up with interesting activities that are not related to Mathematics at all.

The camp is absolutely free for all invited students. By this we intend to ensure that all talented kids -- regardless of their financial situation -- can take part in the camp.

A historical part of the camp is the teacher training. We invite a relatively small group of 8-10 people so we can provide them with sufficient attention and help. Besides attending classes, they have the chance to discuss methods with the teachers, and to help out during the lessons. They are also welcome to help with the organisation of the extracurricular activities, and in general with any tasks of the Junior Staff.

1MaMuT (meaning "mammoth") is a Hungarian abbreviation of "Matematikai Mulatságok Tábora"; in English: Camp of Mathematical Amusements.