Welcome to Sacred Heart of Jesus School

About Mrs. Hevener:
    As a senior in high school I was unable to decide between Elementary and Secondary Math Education so I pursued both. I graduated from Kent State University with a Bachelors Degree and a teaching license in both areas. I returned to college years later to add kindergarten to my elementary teaching license. I began working at Sacred Heart in 1991 as the Title 1 Intervention Specialist. Twenty-three years later, I am still the Title 1 Intervention Specialist and have added advanced math classes to my case load. Sacred Heart is the perfect place to foster my love of young students and mathematics.
Fun Facts:
Algebra comes from the Arabic word al-jabr meaning "the reunion of broken parts."
William Playfair invented line plots, bar charts, and circle graphs.



What's Happening as SHS in Math Class
5th Grade : Operations and Properties
6th Grade: Algebraic Reasoning
7th Grade: Rational Numbers
8th Grade: Equations
 Congratulations Pi Day Winners 2013
5th Grade:   1st - 5A - E'Anna with 36 digits
                    1st - 5B -  Maddie with 113 digits
6th Grade:    1st - Xavier with 151 digits
7th Grade:    1st - Mary with 56 digits
                             (retains record from 2012)
                      1st - Matthew with 12 digits
8th Grade:    1st - Daniel with 99 digits
Wow! This year's records are quite impressive. They will be hard to beat next year.