What's Write About Math Notebooks
A Guide to Math Notebooks as 
written by A. Kirkwood

As a masters student, at the University of Nevada, Reno, I researched math notbooking extensively in hopes to better teach my students and guide them to achieve their math goals. I've put this website together to, hopefully, help you implement math notebooks in your classroom successfully. I will be introducing math notebooks to my own students in the upcoming school year and look forward to sharing my experience here!

This website will guide you through common questions you might have if you are considering starting math notebooks in your class. When it comes to notebooking there is no "one size fits all". Therefore, make it your own, don't force it, and have fun!
What is a "math notebook"?  

The terms “math notebooks” and “math journals” are used interchangeably. Both of these terms refer to a collection of papers, either bound or in a binder, in which students collect and record notes, classwork, graphic organizers, drawings or visuals, and reflections about math content.

There are many benefits for students who use math notebooks. Primarily, it encourages students to express their understanding of math concepts in writing and other representations. This in turn allows for reflection and the chance for students to develop a deeper understanding of math topics, while obviously improving mathematical literacy (reading, writing, and vocabulary).

Benefits for teachers include increased visibility into students' ability level and misconceptions which allow for optimized lesson planning. You can read more about the many benefits of math notebooking in the benefits section HERE.

Examples of a Math Notebook page:

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