Mathematical Reasoning: Writing and Proof
by Ted Sundstrom
Professor Emeritus, Grand Valley State University

Recipient of the inaugural Daniel Solow Author's Award from the Mathematical Association of America.  Click here for an article that appeared in CLAS Acts, a newsletter from the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences at Grand Valley State University.
This textbook is designed for the first course in the college mathematics curriculum that introduces students to the process of constructing and writing proofs.

A low-cost ($20.50) print-on-demand version of this book is available at  It is also available at

This book is included in the approved list of textbooks for the Open Textbook Initiative  by the American Institute of Mathematics.

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Screencasts for Use with this Book

Dr. Robert Talbert, a colleague of mine at Grand Valley State University, has developed a collection of over 100 screencasts for use with this textbook. These screencasts are an excellent supplement for students to use, especially for those instructors teaching their course with an inverted or flipped classroom model.  Click here to access these screencasts.

Note to Instructors

Please contact me at for information about instructor resources such as solutions to the preview activities and solutions to the exercises.