Middle School Math Circles and other outreach to younger students

Our veteran math circle members have benefited from the mentorship, support, advice, and coaching of math circle alumni, and many of our veteran current members are "paying it forward" in the finest tradition by working with younger students.  Math circle veterans Zagreb Mukerjee and Matthew Babbitt worked with Mr. Babbitt to start up a "middle school math circle" which met weekly starting in fall 2008.  Since then, many other math circle students have followed their example by organizing and leading their own small math circles.

Dave Bieber and Markus Salasoo designed and ran a math camp for middle school students last summer.  Other AAMC members are coaching local MATHCOUNTS teams.  To subscribe to our mailing list about middle school outreach activities, please send email to middleschoolmathcircle-subscribe@yahoogroups.com.