AMC8 on Nov 17

Contest Registration is NOW closed.  It is not possible to register additional students.

Parents of children who registered for the contest have been sent an email with the following information:

What to bring:  a couple of #2 pencils with erasers is all your student needs to bring.  

What NOT to bring:  Please do NOT bring any calculators.  Their use is NOT permitted under current rules.

Location:  Hebrew Academy of Albany, street address at 54 Sand Creek Road 

When to arrive:  Students should arrive by 12:45, so they can get settled and receive preliminary instructions before the exam begins at 1.

When to pick up children afterwards:  2 p.m. 

What to expect: Challenging outside-the-box math problems designed to encourage children to stretch themselves mathematically.  They are harder than regular classroom math tests because they require insight and creativity, but they are also more fun and rewarding to solve.   There will be awards and recognition for high-scoring students, but the real prize is the encouragement to children to learn and grow mathematically.  Especially if this is your child's first experience with contest math, it's important to encourage realistic goal-setting.  

Shooting for 100% is not realistic--in some years, nobody in the whole state gets all 25 questions correct, even though the contest is taken by thousands of strong math students across the state.   About 170,000 strong math students take the contest nationwide, and there are even some international contestants from places such as China, Greece, Romania, and Turkey.   Getting more than 50% correct is a very strong performance, even for an experienced 8th grader.  

My advice to pass on to your children:  I'll tell you what I told my own daughters when they took such exams.  My motto is "Have a good time!"  "Do the best you can and enjoy the problem-solving experience.  As long as you enjoy learning from working on mathematical challenges, the experience is a successful one worth celebrating.  I am proud of you just for embracing this challenge and struggling with these problems."

After the contest:  One of the most valuable parts of the contest is the camaraderie and fun of talking over answers afterwards.  There is time specifically set aside in the schedule to do this.  For some problems, there are several different creative ways to approach and solve the problem, and it's great for students to compare and discuss those approaches afterwards.   

One important note:  It's fine for students to talk the problems over among their testing group at Hebrew Academy after the contest BUT they must NOT discuss the contest via email, Internet, or any other method with students outside that group until November 24.  Some schools receive special permission to take the contest late for a variety of reasons, and it is important not to spoil the integrity or fun of their contest experience by disclosing anything about the problems until that date.

Congratulations on raising a child who is enthusiastic about challenging mathematics!