Albany Area Math Circle Hall of Fame

Winner of a Special Award in 201t:
Heart and Soul of Albany Area Math Circle:  Gideon Schmidt 

Winners of a Special Award in 2010:
     "Heart and Soul of Albany Area Math Circle"
      Dave Bieber (Heart) & Andrew Ardito (Soul)
Winners of a Special Award in 2007:
     "Heart and Soul of Albany Area Math Circle"
 Beth Schaffer (Heart) & Drew Besse (Soul)

 Albany Area Math Circle Captains    
    Matthew Babbitt 2010-present
    Andrew Ardito 2007-2010
    Beth Schaffer & Drew Besse 2005-2007
    Raju Krishnamoorthy 2002-2005
    Tom Zink 2001-2002

Albany Area Math Circle students
who have coached MATHCOUNTS teams and/or
mentored Middle School Math Circle students and/or
student-coached ARML and/or made outstanding efforts to assist, encourage, and welcome rookies:
Andrew Ardito
Matthew Babbitt
Drew Besse
David Bieber
Nicole Bieber
Alex Cao
Neal Curwen
James Dick
Bill Dong
Minh Duong
Eugenia Gisin
Matt Gu
Xin (Sherry) He
Greg Hickey
Alice Hollocher
Cecilia Holodak
Haejin Hwang
Ben Kaiser
Gabriel Kammer
Raju Krishnamoorthy
Stephen Krewson
Gwenda Law
Preston Law
Ben Levinn
Flora Mao
Liam McGrinder
Dana McLaughlin
Beatrice Malsky
Alison Miller
Catherine Miller
Zagreb Mukerjee
Zubin Mukerjee
Jien Ogawa
Suman Padhi
Elizabeth Parizh
Brady Pelkey
Hannah Peltz Smalley
Luxi Peng
Jerry Qu
Simran Rastogi
Rich Reitz
David Rolnick
Noah Rubin
Gili Rusak
Markus Salasoo
Beth Schaffer
Gideon Schmidt
Jeffrey Shen
Liz Simon
Isaac Smith
Schuyler Smith
Wyatt Smith
Felix Sun
Philip Sun
Anjana Tayi
Anagha Tolpadi
Aniket Tolpadi
Leah Trouwborst
Luke Trouwborst
Ian Vernooy
Eric Wang
William Wang
Jay White
Lindsay White
Jason Xu
Helen Yuan
Qianyi Landy Zhang
 Tom Zink
USA(J) Math Olympiad Qualifiers:
    Gabriel Kammer 2017
    David Li 2017
    Bill Dong 2014-2016
    William Wang 2013-2016
    Alex Wei 2013-2016
    Nathan Soedjak 2013-2016
    Philip Sun 2012-2014
    Dave Bieber 2010
    Felix Sun 2010-2011
    Matthew Babbitt 2009-2013
    Jay White 2009
    Ashley Cho 2008
    Yipu Wang 2008-2009
    Schuyler Smith 2007-2011
    Qianyi "Landy" Zhang 2007-2008
    David Rolnick 2006-2008
    Andrew Ardito 2006-2010
    Raju Krishnamoorthy 2003
    Alison Miller 2000-2004
USA Physics Olympiad Qualifiers:
    Bill Dong, William Wang 2014
    Matt Babbitt 2013
    Andrew Ardito 2009
    Yipu Wang 2009

North American Computational Linguistics Olympiad
(NACLO) finals qualifier:
     Cecilia Holodak 2012, 2014
AMC Perfect Scorers:
   * = AAMC member
% = coached by AAMC student coaches
     Gabriel Kammer AMC8 2013 *% 
     William Wang AMC8 2011 *%
     Ziqing (Bill) Dong AMC8 2010 *%
     Matthew Babbitt AMC10B 2009 *
     Matthew Babbitt AMC8 2007 *%
     Schuyler Smith AMC8 2006 *%
     Alison Miller AMC12B 2004 *
     Drew Besse AMC8 2001 *
     Raju Krishnamoorthy AMC8 1999 *
AMC State High Scorer Awards
   * = AAMC member
% = coached by AAMC student coaches

     Gabriel Kammer AMC8 2013 *%
     William Wang AMC8 2011 *%     
     Ziqing (Bill) Dong AMC8 2010 *%
     Schuyler Smith AMC12 2010 *
     Matthew Babbitt AMC10 2009 *
     Matthew Babbitt AMC8 2007 *%
     Schuyler Smith AMC8 2006 *%
     Andrew Ardito AMC8 2004-05 *%
     Dave Bieber AMC8 2004 *%
     Alison Miller AMC12  2001, 2004 *
     Drew Besse AMC8 2001 *
     Raju Krishnamoorthy AMC8 1999*
 MATHCOUNTS National Finalists:
  * = AAMC member
% = coached by AAMC student coaches
     David Li 2017*
     Rowechen Zhong 2017*%
     Alex Wei 2012*%
     Ziqing (Bill) Dong 2011 *%
     Matthew Babbitt 2007-2008 *%
     Schuyler Smith 2007 *%
     Felix Sun 2007 *
     David Bieber 2006 *%
     Andrew Ardito 2004-2006 *%
     Gary Cao 2003*
     Raju Krishnamoorthy 2001*
     Alison Miller 1999-2000*
MATHCOUNTS New York State Countdown Top 10
 * = AAMC member
% = coached by AAMC student coaches

         David Li 2017*
         Rowechen Zhong 2017*%       
        Joy Lim 2015 *%
        Gabriel Kammer 2014 *%
        William Wang 2012 *%
        Ziqing (Bill) Dong 2011-12 *%
        Alex Wei 2011-12 *%
        Gili Rusak 2011 *%        
        Aniket Tolpadi 2010 *%
        Matt Gu 2010 *%
        Greg Hickey 2009 *%
        Wyatt Smith 2008 *%
        Matthew Babbitt 2007-08 *%
        Felix Sun 2007 *
        Jay White 2007 *%
        Schuyler Smith 2006-07 *%
        Eric Wang 2006 *
        Dave Bieber 2006 *%
        Andrew Ardito 2004-06 *%
        Clark Bowman 2004 %
        Gary Cao 2003 *
        Prateek Kumar 2003 *
        Robin Meyers 2002 *
        Raju Krishnamoorthy 2001 *
        Alison Miller 1999-2000 *
        Tom Zink 1998 *

 Members of 2007 New York State
 First Place MATHCOUNTS team:
 * = AAMC member
% = coached by AAMC student coaches
           Matthew Babbitt *%
           Schuyler Smith *%
           Wyatt Smith *%
           Jay White *%
Capital District MATHCOUNTS winners:
* = AAMC member
% = coached by AAMC student coaches

2015: Joy Lim (written)*%
2014: Gabriel Kammer (written/Countdown)*%
2013: Gabriel Kammer (written)*%
2012: Alex Wei (written/Countdown)*%
2011:  Philip Sun (written)*%
           William Wang (Countdown)*%
2010:  Aniket Tolpadi (written)*%
              Cecilia Holodak (Countdown)*%
2009:  Greg Hickey (written) *%
           Aniket Tolpadi (countdown) *%
2008:  Matthew Babbitt (written/countdown) *%
2007:  Schuyler Smith (written) *%
           Paul Rapoport (countdown) *
2006:  Andrew Ardito (written/countdown)*%
2005:  Andrew Ardito (written/countdown) *%
2004:  Clark Bowman (written/countdown) %
2003:  Gary Cao (written/countdown) *
2002:  Robin Meyers (countdown) *
2001:  Raju Krishnamoorthy (written/countdown) *
2000:  Alison Miller (written/countdown) *
1999:  Alison Miller (written) *
1998:  Tom Zink (written/countdown) *
NOTE:  The lists above are the tip of the iceberg, a very incomplete listing of the many honors and awards won by students associated with Albany Area Math Circle.   It should be noted that AAMC members won some of the above awards before they joined AAMC, in some cases they won them even before AAMC was started in 2001. 
2008 Edyth May Sliffe Award for Excellence in Teaching
Professor Mukkai Krishnamoorthy, Albany Area Math Circle advisor
Nominated by the following Albany Area Math Circle students, who were invited to nominate for the award based on their outstanding team score on the 2008 AMC12A/B  contests:  Andrew Ardito, Matthew Babbitt, David Bieber, Schuyler Smith, and Qianyi "Landy" Zhang:   Professor Moorthy has been with the Albany Area Math Circle since its start in 2001. He generously volunteers 3 hours of his time every Friday night, giving expert guidance to the members of the math circle. He explains solutions with amazing clarity, and has seemingly endless patience. He will often give students problems of his own composition. These problems are always interesting, and lead to a greater understanding of the concepts involved. In short, Professor Moorthy has played an integral role in making the Albany Area Math Circle as successful and rewarding as it is, and we are all deeply indebted to him. Because saying thank you doesn‘t come close to repaying him for all his contributions, we nominate Professor Mukkai Krishanmoorthy for the Edyth May Sliffe Award.
2008 Edyth May Sliffe Middle School Award
Bill Babbitt, Albany Area Math Circle advisor
Opportunity to nominate for award based on outstanding performance of Albany Area Math Circle official team scores of Albany Area Math Circle students on the AMC8 over the past three years.  Nominated by Mary O'Keeffe because of his dedication to working with so many middle school students, not only on his own MATHCOUNTS team, but from other schools as well.  Bill understands that the true purpose of math contests is not just to collect trophies or advance to higher levels but to create communities in which students can support, encourage, and inspire other students in the development of their problem solving skills.  An important goal of Albany Area Math Circle is to build bridges of collaboration among groups of students who would not ordinarily have the opportunity to work together.  Bill unselfishly embodies all that is best about the generous and sharing community of math coaches.
2008 AMC8 Team:  Preston Law, Zubin Mukerjee, Aniket Tolpadi
2007 AMC8 Team:  Matthew Babbitt, Preston Law, Wyatt Smith
2006 AMC8 Team:  Schuyler Smith, Matthew Babbitt, Ben Kaiser & Jay White (tie)
 Parent volunteers who have made outstanding contributions of their time, talents, and energy to Albany Area Math Circle over many years:

We are grateful for so much generous help from the parents of so many math circle students.  It would be simply impossible to run math circle on this scale without the many efforts of countless parents, but we'd like to give special recognition to the following parents for their exceptional gifts of their time, talents, and energy over many years.

    Eileen & Tony Ardito
    Bill Babbitt
    Jenifer Besse
    Sue and Eric Bieber
    JC Glendinning
    Mitch Levinn
    Bonnie Schaffer

Thanks to several new volunteers who have recently offered especially invaluable help: 
Rita Biswas 
Kathryn Lesh
Alexandra Schmidt
Mike Putthala (RPI)
Mike Gottlieb (RPI)
Institutions that have provided space for hundreds of hours of math circle meetings:

                Niskayuna School District Community Education
                                     Victoria Holley, Coordinator (retired)
                                     Pam Ober, Coordinator 
        Kevin Baughman, School District Superintendent
                             Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Other institutions that have generously provided space and/or special math events for our students:

Agudat Achim, Brunswick Church, the Clifton Park Library, Colonie Christian Life Center, the Emma Willard School, the First Unitarian Society of Schenectady, GE Global Research, Hebrew Academy of the Capital District, the Kenney Community Center, MetLIfe, the Niskayuna branch of the Schenectady Public Library, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Schenectady County Community College, Siena College, Skidmore College, Union College, the University at Albany, and Williams College.

Special recognition to

Calvary Church

Rev. Tom Trouwborst, Pastor
 for hosting many years of AMC8/10/12/AIME Competitions

Thanks to the Art of Problem Solving Foundation

Thanks to all the hardworking volunteers behind the scenes and the generous sponsors who make a rich array of exciting mathematical events possible including: 

American Mathematics Competitions
American Regions Math League (ARML)
Harvard-MIT Math Tournament
New York State Math League (NYSML)
Princeton University Math Contest
Physics Olympiad

Again, thanks to Professor Krishnamoorthy for your years of dedication, inspiration, and shared vision for building a mathematical community of kindred spirits who enjoy collaborating on mathematical challenges, sharing Aha! moments of discovery, and supporting the growth of problem solving abilities of so many students.
Thanks to all the students of Albany Area Math Circle, past and present.  It has been a delight to watch you collaborate and support and encourage one another in your pursuit of "Extreme Math" Aha! experiences and your development of new problem-solving tools and approaches.
Mathematical understanding is a wonderful thing--the more you give away to others, the more you have for yourself, because explaining to others deepens your own understanding.

Thanks to my family--for your love, support, and inspiration.
Mary O'Keeffe, Albany Area Math Circle advisor