Christoph Goldner


Counts of (tropical) curves in and Feynman integrals (joint work with Hannah Markwig & Janko Böhm, Ann. Inst. Henri Poincaré D)

Tropical mirror symmetry in dimension one (joint work with Hannah Markwig & Janko Böhm, preprint)

my name is Christoph Goldner. I am a PhD student of Hannah Markwig at the University of Tübingen. I graduated from Saarland University in 2016. I work in the field of tropical geometry and I enjoy working on enumerative questions therein.

Math travel 2019
April 28 - May 04
Tropical Geometry: new directions (Oberwolfach)

October 31
TGiF-Tropical Geometry in Frankfurt (Goethe University, Frankfurt)

Math travel 2018
March 12 - March 16
Spring School: Tropical Geometry meets Representation Theory (University of Cologne)

March 25 - April 04
Tropical Geometry, Amoebas and Polytopes (Mittag-Leffler Institut, Stockholm)

July 04 - July 05
Tropical Geometry in Europe, Itinerant Seminar (Institut de Mathématiques de Toulouse)

Math travel 2017
July 3 - July 7
Summer School in Enumerative Geometry (SISSA, Trieste)

July 31 - August 4
Students' Conference on Nonarchimedean and Tropical Geometry (University of Regensburg)

August 14 - August 27
Stockholm Master Class in Tropical geometry (Stockholm University)

September 25 - September 28
First annual meeting of SFB-TRR 195 (RWTH Aachen)