Math Camp 2015 (Monday 8/10- Thursday 9/3)
Department of Economics, Columbia University
Note: This is the 2015 Math Camp website. The 2016 Math Camp website is here.

The course provides an overview of the mathematical concepts needed in the first-year graduate sequence in economics. 
The instructor is Stéphane Dupraz (; the TA is Tuo Chen (

  Monday  Tuesday
Wednesday  Thursday   Friday
 Class  9:30am-12pm 9:30am-12pm  9:30am-12pm  9:30am-12pm  9:30am-12pm  Hamilton 503
 Recitation    1-2:30pm  
1-2:30pm  IAB 1027
 Stéphane's OH
1-3pm         IAB 1027
 Tuo's OH    2:30-3:30pm     2:30-3:30pm IAB 1027

IAB = International Affairs Building.
Math Camp Exam: Tuesday, Sep 8, 10:10am. Location: 418 for students enrolled in math methods; 1027 for other students.