Here you'll find resources for the classes I teach this year. They are divided into General Resources that may be of interest to any Mathematics student, as well as Course Resources that are meant for students of a specific course.

General Resources

Links: a set of external resources that may be of interest. 

Schedule: a period-by-period schedule of my day so students can find me.

TeachAssist: a YRDSB site where students can access their marks.

Markham District High School: the school's main website.

Textbooks: ZIP files for the Math Textbooks.  You must login to Google Drive with your YRDSB GAPPS account.

Course Resources

Grade 12 Advanced Placement (AP)

Grade 9 Foundations of Math

The Calendars above show the dates for upcoming evaluations. These will be updated regularly and will reflect information as it is given in class. Students can subscribe to the calendar using the links provided on the calendar. 

The Documents links above will open a DropBox public folder, giving students access to any notes and course related files. Hopefully this will be updated each day with a PDF copy of the class notes from that day. Other documents will also be provided like Unit Outlines and the Course Information Handout.