1. Let's Practice.

Use the following site to practice your facts. These quizzes are just for practice and won't go to your teacher.  Pay attention to which facts you have to stop and think about to answer.  What strategies are you using to help you figure out the facts you do not know automatically?  


1. Choose a level.

2. Turn on Pause.

3. Select subtraction, multiplication or division.

2. Let's Take A Quiz.

Click on the link below to take a quiz that will go to your teacher.  When you are done, it will give you a score.  If you missed any problems, it will show you.  On a piece of paper record the problems you need to practice.  (You only need to write down the correct answer-not the answer in (parenthesis)).

3. Let's Have Some Fun!

Try out some of these games to improve your fact fluency and other math skills!


Word Problems


Alien Addition
 Minus Mission
 Thinking Blocks Tic Tac Toe!
 Melvin's Match
Fruit Shoot Fruit Shoot Subtraction
  Penguin Jump  
 Kitten Match Deep Sea Dual  Grand Prix