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Online Community: MTBoS, EduColor, #sjmath

In July 2016, a group of math educators at a social justice session at Twitter Math Camp decided to organize online resources for exploring social justice issues in the math classroom and striving for equity in math education (inspiring this site). On Twitter, these discussions can use the hashtag #sjmath to make them easier to join and find.

Many math teachers connect on Twitter and through weblogs in a network known as the "MathTwitterBlogosphere" or, sometimes, the Global Math Department. You can often find math teacher tweets under the hashtag #MTBoS, or just explore using the Exploring the MathTwitterBlogosphere site or this article about using Twitter as a math educator. The Global Math Department online conference site includes a list of free upcoming conferences and past recorded presentations, including #blackkidsdomath and A Discourse Framework that Promotes Access, Equity, and Understanding.

One way to read or join discussions among educators of color and their allies is to follow the Educolor movement on Twitter at hashtag #educolor or account @EduColorMVMT, both founded by math teacher and activist Jose Luis Vilson, author of This Is Not A Test. At the website educolor.org, you can learn more about the work of the EduColor collective and how you can join in, and read about related resources including books, movies, articles, and websites. Educolor's Mission Statement reads: EduColor seeks to elevate the voices of public school advocates of color on educational equity and justice. We are an inclusive cooperative of informed, inspired and motivated educators, parents, students, writers and activists who promote and embrace the centrality of substantive intersectional diversity.

Chalkline is a social justice in education podcast run by math teacher Anne Schwartz (@sophgermain), who interviews a fascinating variety of educators (often but not always involved in math).