Problem Solving in Calculus

Course Description and Grading Breakdown
Ma 8 is a three-hour per week hands on class for those students in Ma 1 needing extra practice in problem solving in calculus. Grading will be solely attendance based.

Course Meeting Time and Location
Tuesday and Thursday
7:30 - 8:55 pm
310 Linde

Course Instructor Contact Information and Office Hours

TA Contact Information and Office Hours

Dmitri Gekhtman
308 Linde
Office Hour: Thursdays 4:30 - 5:30 PM,
or by appointment

Course Schedule and Textbook

 Week 1 Sets, logic, and proofs
 Week 2 The reals, limits, sequences
 Week 3 Series, complex numbers
 Week 4 Limits of functions, continuity
 Week 5 Derivatives
 Week 6 Riemann integration
 Week 7 Integration and differentiation
 Week 8 Improper Integrals, L'Hospital
 Week 9 Taylor Series

The textbook is Apostol's Calculus Volume 1.
See the course notes at the page for Math 1a.
Math 8 lectures will expand on the material there, with a focus on examples, intuition, and problem solving.  

For another reference, see S. Ye's 2016 Ma 8 notes.  

Course Policies
Ma 8 is a 3 unit Pass/Fail course. There will be no homework or exams for this course. The final grade (of P or F) will depend solely on attendance. Absences will not be excused without a letter from the Infirmary or from the Dean (or Associate Dean).

Online Mailbox
You can send any requests for topics covered (except solving homework problems), or suggestions/complaints using this link .