Review Notes

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Please see my storage page.  Click the link for MRob's Awesome Review Notes in Color!

Progress Sheets

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3 weeks into every marking period I will send home grades.
Parents/Guardians please review and sign them.  "Zero" often means absent and hasn't shown me work yet.  Sometimes I put "zero" if they haven't shown it to me and they still can hand it in.  Hw is only taken 1 day late.  If students do not have the hw out when I come around to grade it then a 0 goes in the book. Tests, quizzes, graded worksheets must be completed a week from date given.  5% markdown every day late for Graded Work.  Extra Credit is marked ex but points are not added on until the end of the marking period. I have added in the extra credit to the Tests already.


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Homework the first day will be tough because it has been a while since we have done hw.  Don't worry.  Homework is based on effort.  Do your best and do what you can.  Don't get hung up on words, take a guess if you have to.  Remember we do go over it the next day and I will answer your questions.

Welcome to my web page!

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Please explore all the tabs.  I have a set up several links.
I encourage you to sign up for Reminder Text Messages or Reminder Emails if you do not want texts.  The service is anonymous and I send out helpful information and reminders for students about assignments etc.  My goal is to get EVERYONE signed up this year.  Spread the word if you already know about   A link to the remind sign up is found in my storage tab or within the weekly agenda.
Be sure to check back each Monday for a list of the Weeks upcoming assignments etc.

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